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1)"Your average app store dev" won't make apps for such specialized devices. J&J will code software specially for its devices. 2) FDA approval is needed for new devices. iPhone is not medical equipment. 3)iPhone is just a peripheral for reading medical data. J&J only need to re-manufacture existing devices with a 30 pin and code a new app for the iPhone.
Uh? What?
Yeah, damn you Apple. Put those floppy drives and ADC connector back into all the Mac.
its actually smaller than a BIC lighter.http://www.biclighter.com/home.shtml
I am Chinese. I don't believe anything I say much less a Chinese newspaper.
I am sure Paris Hilton has gotten laid in a Motel 8.
More mobile sites please. I have been using iTouch for 6 months. Some of the sites, big and small, Wikipedia, Roughly Drafted has come up mobile version. Wattpad.com where i get free e-books is great. Raymond Chandler's Farewell, My Lovely superb reading.
its a CGI of high speed photography that goes back 100 years, with Eadweard Muybridge. It has become common and cliche.
I love interface tweaks.
This is flamebait. Thanks for ruining my evening, Zach.
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