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why is the Bk Value meal ad on this site?
Does this mean some "improved" surface UI but still stuck with DLL Hell? Meanwhile apple is completely rewriting OSX into OS XI under the hood.
metal gear solid 4 for the win!
First it is just software and hardware in general. Now its unibodys and chips specifically. In the next decade Apple will make its own hard-drives, GPU cards, memory, fans, ect. Lets not forget the aluminum polish.
that's too general. how about pro-life and pro-choice or pornstars and vegans. well, you cant be real vegans if you give blowjobs
Lucky he didn't. Some patent troll would be suing him.
shaking babies are not as fun as jiggling boobs on the iPhone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFuQ9...om=PL&index=27
So why does apple score an 80 in overall customer experiance?
Inkwell on OSX only supports English, French and German. I tried it with a wacom tablet last week. The chinese recognition on iPod touch is lights year ahead. SURPRISE THE HELL OUT ME! Hopefully the technology will be in Snow leopard and we can use the trackpad to write, somehow. Its mainly a software issue. Dragon Natuarlly Speaking a great voice tech and has improved alot over the years. There is a mac edition. Ink was not developed by Apple, although i dont know...
got it on webclip. anyone know what the music count is up to?
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