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i havent seen either of these movies but i totally agree with you.
i dont quiet remember, but isnt this how 1984 TV worked when it spys on you.
that video already wasted 19sec of my life. i am not throwing another 4mins away.
what am i gonna do about one night stands with out tradeshows. i'd have to go back to boinking my wife once a year.
Its a glorified lazer pointer.
A rumor site exasperating another rumor from another rumor site..... Engadget.com RULES...over gizmodo
on the other side of the world, Hong Kong unlocked iPhones are about $700 and $800. While Russia is about $900 and $1000. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...gin_oct_3.html
Wow, i am absolutely speechless. Psystar does not know how to use the reality distortion field correctly.
Less expos, less rumors, less rumor sites, AppleInsider a spiraling death.
Less expos, less rumors, less rumor sites. AppleInsider will die a spiraling death.
New Posts  All Forums: