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This is flamebait. Thanks for ruining my evening, Zach.
That chart should be honeycomb shaped. Also, where is the "20k apps" come from under the WM6 column?
OMG, its a lawsuit that's not patent troll. It benefits people that are not lawyers. AAAAAAHHHHHHH...!
You are a lot smarter than MS will ever be.
My name is Lisa Chin and I am very offended.
[QUOTE= The suit spends several pages reproducing anonymous comments from Apple's forums and various other websites to show when the complaints first surfaced. One of AppleInsider's own August 2008 reports is also presented as evidence...[/QUOTE] LOL They are using internet comments and forums as evidence. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHABWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHHAHH...
HTC hardware + Android software + Dell logo = Dell innovation.
One subject per article pleeeeze!
Dont you know yet? Apple defy the trend for computers, music players, mobile phones and now.... unemployment.
Translate from AppleSpeak "You will buy what we give you and you will like paying a higher price for it."
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