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its not antitrust and not monopoly. A company can control how its proprietary product marketed and sold. Psystar is just hoping to delay the inevitable.
the iPhone/iTouch is the netbook you are looking for. I have an iPhone and Asus Eee PC. the iPhone does more out of the box, better, smaller and more portable. You can customize the iPhone/iTouch with the free apps from the AppStore. Apple totally rethink the way portables work and interface while netbooks are just smaller crappier Windohs. Apple has to change the way the majority thinks about conventional computing.
Nobody reads the features(or EULA). Ordinary user use IE because it just happens to come with WinDohs.
They are also sueing Bubblicious for bubble gums that sticks to their faces.
Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Gateway, and all other computer/software companies know that they CAN NOT get an OSX license. Otherwise they would be selling Mac clones. Psystar dig themselves into a hole they cant get out of.
OSX and Windows has always been in competition. This is not something for the Judge to decide. This decision is merely reinforcing that OSX, Windows, Linux, BeOS, AmigaOS are all in the desktop computer market. MS doesn"t have to license Windows to Dell or anybody. Apple can ask for a Windows license for its hardware(if Apple kills OSX). Apple can license OSX to Psystar if it wanted to do so.
Where does Apple and IBM compete? IBM lost PC business long long long ago and the Thinkpad and Deskstar line were sold to Asia. Apple has no traction with Xserve, they just fire the VP in charge of Xserve(recent AI article somewhere). Unless IBM can prove this is a cover for Xserve, how is Papermaster gonna feed his family in this economic turn down.
No that is not true. Apple's main goal since 1984 is better interface function. OSX 's interface has improved greatly, such as Expose, Quicklook, Stacks, Timemachine. Macs start-up a lot faster than my wintel box. iPhone's multi-touch is the best interface function for any small gadgets. The clickwheel is the best Mp3 interface. Form over Fuction is DOS with a Vista eyecandy.
New Posts  All Forums: