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that video already wasted 19sec of my life. i am not throwing another 4mins away.
what am i gonna do about one night stands with out tradeshows. i'd have to go back to boinking my wife once a year.
Its a glorified lazer pointer.
A rumor site exasperating another rumor from another rumor site..... Engadget.com RULES...over gizmodo
on the other side of the world, Hong Kong unlocked iPhones are about $700 and $800. While Russia is about $900 and $1000. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...gin_oct_3.html
Wow, i am absolutely speechless. Psystar does not know how to use the reality distortion field correctly.
Less expos, less rumors, less rumor sites, AppleInsider a spiraling death.
Less expos, less rumors, less rumor sites. AppleInsider will die a spiraling death.
what can't the iphone do? its a phone, mobile internet device, music player, and now gaming platform. The App Store is making it the most versitile device that defies catagories.
iPhone and iTouch are netbooks. Apple has to change conventional notions that netbooks has to be smaller notebooks.
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