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A lot of good news about Apple today, ad sales, iPad use, Verizon activation; but the stock will continue to go down.
10 years in beta! must be a Google application. 
OH NO, now apple will really have to start making 6 inch phones and follow the rest of the industry.    I think the second paragraph is a little confusing. Apple has been tops for 9 years, but the iPhone has only been tops for 7. 
So Samsung is as bad at treating its partners as MS does. Its like an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. 
b.b..but ISO devices are just for media consumption. You cant do serious work with it.
but... infringement and stealing is not evil. So they can keep using their company motto. 
WinRT is the walking dead. 
That's not what planned obsolescence means. 
Advertisers will have to walk down the street to a store to get your personal data? That is SO inconvenient. 
Does it involved persistent connection, DRM or a EULA that takes your humanity? http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/01/sim-city-beta-eula-includes-company-wide-ban-for-unreported-bugs/ No Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: