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Let's hope this doesn't the buy out doesn't come close to a Proview price point!
What will happen if Apple pull out of Wall Street listings? Does Apple need to sell shares to raise capital? 
Porn has moved to the internet. You can find funny characters in NYC anywhere. Time Square was unclean, disgusting with garbage everywhere. Commercialized as some may think but it fits better with the Broadway theaters around the area and Central Park just above it. Traffic flow is much better with some lanes sectioned off for turning. Alot of streets around the boroughs are newly paved.   Your seedy aspect of the city isn't all gone. People are still being pushed on to...
Wait! Moto got a patent just for PUTTING a sensor in a phone? That's it? There's nothing special about the sensors? Google spent billions on a patent troll.
They just cant develop successful new brands. So MS keeps falling back on Windows. I am suprise it wasn't WinPod music player, WinBox gaming console, Winmail, Winsearch. Even as a Mac fan, i am sometimes mad and disappointed that they are failing so bad.   Losers
  But I am a masochist!
The best disruption will be no cable monopoly.
Twinkies have better shelf life.
   Its a huge anti-trust issue. ARM is not a competitor, it doesn't manufacture chips. It'll be a long time before tablets replace most of the desktop PC in the world.
Why touch it? Cross your eyes to zoom.
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