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Gross margin includes cost directly related to the sales of an item; labor, logistics, BOM. It does not include rent, aministrative cost, R&D, etc. These are subtracted for net profit. Its hard to quantify these in to the item. So they are subtracted from gross profit at the end of the month/quarter/year.
Can you really hold the width of the Mini like in the promo? Looks big but 5.3 inches is almost the size of a dollar bill so its plausible. I highly doubt anyone would actually hold it that way. edit: never mind. I watch the Apple Event again.
I like the colors but disappointed that the front is white plastic bezel on all except the black one.
As usual, with every release.
  My first though was WTF?  Maybe it'll make more sense if we hear him say it in video post.  
Crappy Map, terrible camera, buggy cellular.... Apple is doom!   Meanwhile, Google, MS, HP and Samsung are banging their heads against the porta johns to figure out how to sell 5 million crapware per weekend.
This is the innovation fandroids have been gushing about.
That's Dance of the Hours from the opera La Gioconda. It was popular long before 1965.
You mother doesn't really like your wife; never approved of your marriage. Your rejection of her gift tells me you and your mother has never seen eye to eye on anything. Your relationship has become even more difficult since you got married.     Anyways, another lawsuit will get the real numbers out.
Are those Secret Service snipers on the roof?
New Posts  All Forums: