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Wait! Moto got a patent just for PUTTING a sensor in a phone? That's it? There's nothing special about the sensors? Google spent billions on a patent troll.
They just cant develop successful new brands. So MS keeps falling back on Windows. I am suprise it wasn't WinPod music player, WinBox gaming console, Winmail, Winsearch. Even as a Mac fan, i am sometimes mad and disappointed that they are failing so bad.   Losers
  But I am a masochist!
The best disruption will be no cable monopoly.
Twinkies have better shelf life.
   Its a huge anti-trust issue. ARM is not a competitor, it doesn't manufacture chips. It'll be a long time before tablets replace most of the desktop PC in the world.
Why touch it? Cross your eyes to zoom.
  LOL /high five, my man.
Gross margin includes cost directly related to the sales of an item; labor, logistics, BOM. It does not include rent, aministrative cost, R&D, etc. These are subtracted for net profit. Its hard to quantify these in to the item. So they are subtracted from gross profit at the end of the month/quarter/year.
Can you really hold the width of the Mini like in the promo? Looks big but 5.3 inches is almost the size of a dollar bill so its plausible. I highly doubt anyone would actually hold it that way. edit: never mind. I watch the Apple Event again.
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