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Update: I was having zero luck, despite flushing cache and rebooting.Then I remembered a previous migration/blackout in 2005 which IIRC included editing my hosts file.That, of course was pre-Tiger, and easier to modify back then. Poking around in terminal and vim revealed that as well as blocking ads, I had hardcoded the old applenova IP to various domain names (.org, etc).A bit of editing and sudo later, and presto... Intertubitude, dude.
Not dead, just nailed to the perch... As for teh "lookupd -flushcache", and reboot, still no joy. Got an alternative link or solution? Pining for fjords. Glad Yule to all at AI.
See also CIDER
If you need an upgrade path in future, or want to add your own monitor(s), go Mac Pro. If budget is your #1 concern and you don't mind non-upgradeable LCD or GPU, etc... go iMac.
Darth, Intego has made a name for themselves, true. They make an unnecessary product and are alleged to have funded several proof of concept pieces of malware (including RENEPO) in order to play Chicken Little and scare people into buying their unnecessary product. FUD is what they do. No Mac user I've met is willing to reward them for their seemingly nefarious tactics. There are NO Mac OS X viruses. 100,000+ for Windows, but nada for OS X. The sole...
If the passage you want to quote has more than one link, how would the script pick which one? Could it get multiple URLs?
Browser detect automagically sends platform-specific version?
And in most cases, such as with Safari open behind an active Finder window, you can CMD-click or right click and select from contextual menu and links will open in New Tabs in Safari without making it the foreground app. Works fine. So a variant of click-through does work. Just not with single or left click.
There have been some rumours that the 15.4" MBP (being 6 months old, and the first laptop Intel based rollout) is due for a rev around August. Buzz has it possibly seeing some of its major rev A issues tweaked and a switch to Core 2 Duo processor (Merom) to help differentiate it from the MB. If you can wait another few months, you may catch the next model. That said, for what you describe, the MBP would probably suit you well. While the MB has the same CPU, the...
Both communities have value, but I visit for member comments not the front page, and ads annoy me. Each site includes interesting people and information at times, though I often find AN better to read.
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