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 Pages used to reload all the time when I had my 4S (last month) but on my 6S Plus I've rarely seen a page reload even if I have a few tabs and other apps open. Are you on a new model phone?
 Shareholders actually 'own' part of the company, they vote to decide on things like the board of directors so the "we" in the case I'm referring to can actually affect how the company runs. The company pays dividends to the shareholders. None of that applies to a ticket holder of a sports team. I'm not sure what your original point is. Shareholders are very much part of the company, they're not 3rd party spectators.
I have a 4S and haven't upgraded, mainly because it still works for my needs. My carrier requires me to change plans if I do a hardware upgrade which over the course of 2 years would almost be the same if I bought a phone outright. I'm starting to want all of the new features I've been missing out on, but the next gen is just around the corner at this point...
Are these the same analysts that set the "lofty expectations" which resulted in the "miss" and caused the dip in the stock, only to recommend a buy the day after?
To state the obvious, "we" are the shareholders and yes we are very much part of Apple.
And we're down 8%. Why? Because we didn't crack 50M phones this quarter?! Give me a break...
Was waiting for this, but might end up going with the Twelve South HiRise dock instead: https://www.twelvesouth.com/product/hirise-iphone5-ipad-mini
Looks like there is an audio connector at the back
Another Apple product going through the typical Apple product news cycle. There's always yield issues, manufacturing problems, or something the media has to report on.
 And users will get double charged =)  /s
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