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Apple battery factory vs gigafactory?
Really good pricing IMO. Been waiting for something like this, but they didn't do the same discounts in Canada! Measly $15-$20 off here...
Give me an iPad deal this holiday season and I'm in
Thanks, updated, but in the same context, my searches show the numbers I used was for shipments. If I were them, I'd hate to ship 3X as many units if sales expectations were no where close. Even if they're doing that for one press statement to claim a big number, it'll come right back at them to bite them quite quickly.
If they manage to ship (edited, i had said "sell") 15M units in the first 30 days, that would be impressive in comparison: S5 11M units, S4 10M units, Note 3 5M. Considering the S5 and the Note 4 are same-generation devices, I'd imagine them being cross-shopped. They're essentially hoping the Note 4 will sell 3X as much than its predecessor, which seems highly doubtful. With many more choices out there, Samsung's high-end market has serious competition (LG's, Sony's, Oppo,...
Looks nice, still wish there was a stock ticker at the top like on the full site.
 Not true when they won't ship the product relatively soon. The original iPhone as a new product was announced Jan 2007 with no hands on demo units. First hands on were at the end of June. The first iPhone reveal has an (alleged) interesting behind the scenes story where at the time of announcement, the iPhone was still very much a work in progress. The demo during the announcement was the only way they found to show all of the features without having the phone crashing,...
I'm guessing this is to showcase home automation and payments using iBeacons and various new software, compatible with existing devices and even better on ones they'll announce that day!
Getting close to the Apple all time high, adjusted for the split, at $100.72!
"The previous historical record for top market cap belonged to Microsoft, whose market value topped out at $616.3 billion in December 1999"
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