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Hoarders are preparing to hoard as many as possible for resale after launch day. Music to their ears  
  keyword in my statement is "all", i'm certainly very happy if Apple makes a ton of money
not ^ again... the door is over there >
    I hope this is the reason why. If so, Apple is going out of it's way to make sure that not only will the iPhone itself be enviro and labour friendly, but associated accessories too. Now this is raising the bar to a new level.   There is a bit of me concerned that it is all for profit....
I don't see how they can charge more for a product that has less features 'as-leaked'. You're saying people would pay a $50+ premium over a base new iPad, or a few hundred over a base iPad 2 just for form-factor?
  You could be sad that he's gone and still think he was wrong about something. But like I said, even without momentum, it's certainly possible.
  For this product, they possibly could have done it within a year, especially if there was momentum within Apple and Jobs was the major no factor. Google said the Nexus 7 was conceived and put into the market in four months. Jobs could have also changed his mind, but at least he isn't the one releasing it. I would have loved to see him do it though, that would have been quite a show. We'd be all subject to the Reality Distortion Field despite knowing of its presence and...
  They need to show off the revolutionary sandpaper that will be included with this product including a Jony Ive artsy-designer video, or explain why it doesn't include sandpaper.   /s   This is in a way one of the first (possible) products that goes against something Jobs publicly passionately didn't like. By bringing it to market, Tim is saying they're willing to go in new directions where they wouldn't before. (You could count the larger iPhone screen, but they...
Ok, flame suit is on:   Please allow the LTE version to be able to make calls like a phone (not Skype, etc). Make it a true and the best "Phablet".  
I hope Tim makes a reference to sandpaper just for the jokes
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