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Ok, flame suit is on:   Please allow the LTE version to be able to make calls like a phone (not Skype, etc). Make it a true and the best "Phablet".  
I hope Tim makes a reference to sandpaper just for the jokes
  Personally, I don't think it'll head there. Apple has shown how custom software and hardware can work together to be extremely power efficient. On the Android side of things, the manufacturers skin Android to differentiate and hopefully win your money for the next phone you buy as well so you always buy their flavour of Android. 
    First, I'd say I generally like Apple's offerings more than Google's, but I'm not tied to any one brand/ecosystem.   The Nexus brand means nothing to me anymore due to bad user experience. I waited and bought a Galaxy Nexus because it was a "Nexus", with all of the promises from Google. Google announces Jelly Bean saying it's available immediately, and I don't get it for months. Why? Because my Canadian build is 'special' with different firmware so it gets updated by...
  Hi! For competitors yes, but not for consumers buying Apple products. I'm saying Apple's advertisements always say "starting at...." if they only have one iPad model that will be one price, it will be higher than the current price of a 16GB iPad while keeping their margins.
All manufacturers do this though. I assume it's to balance out their margins. What other way could they use as a price differentiator? Should they clock the processors different? It'd make things complicated for the buyer and their experience. They could just make one model "iPad 64GB" and price it close to the 32GB price, but that raises the price barrier to entry.
It'd be more interesting if they build it into their existing products. e.g. the stand of an iMac, somewhere out of the way on a macbook, the top of a mac mini, etc.
Maybe they can get a $99 tablet out the door if they put in a 5" crappier quality screen, slower memory and a crappier processor.   If Google loses money on every one, we should collectively go out, buy every single one, and return them unopened before the return period expires.
  Elop has enough time to hand-build each one, and Ballmer has time to re-write WP8 for each one.   back on topic, Are any of the iPhones made in Brazil?
    I hope so, but also a covering-my-ass tactic to keep their reputation. It would be interesting if the shipping partners were the bottleneck and not the supply side.
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