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    I hope so, but also a covering-my-ass tactic to keep their reputation. It would be interesting if the shipping partners were the bottleneck and not the supply side.
22 more countries on the 28th, plus the time for any additional units to ship to current counties before then. 10M this quarter is a possibility, again it'll be a supply side problem.   Once it all calms down, we'll have another release on our hands with the "iPad mini"... if only that could make cellular calls
iPhone 4S first weekend sales were over 4M. This isn't bad, the iPhone is still gaining momentum. Shows you how good analysts are when they said 6-10M. Sure wished I saw 10M though.   Pre-market numbers aren't looking pretty, ~$684
Seeing the 4S in the photos, the photos look like they were taken by the 4 or a 3GS  
Any ideas on the average turnaround time per customer ? e.g. how long does the 100th person in line have to wait?
Just walked through the Eaton Centre in Toronto 30 min ago, looks like the line was only about 100 long. When I went by for the iPad about the same time, the line was a few times longer. Hoping it's just because of pre-orders, or they're turning people through faster. Let's see 10M phones sold this weekend!  
Apple announces it today, and I can get it right now (I checked, but I'm out of space on my phone, my fault)   On my Galaxy Nexus, the story goes: Bought the G-Nex earlier this year because it is a Google phone, supposed to be the first to get updates. Jelly Bean is announced in July and I'm excited. Check for updates every week, but nothing, excitement dwindles. Finally this week it's available. 2.5 months later... WTF. I turn to my boss and tell him I finally got...
When i first saw this post, i said "damn that iPhone looks so bad ass stealthy"  
Can they go 32, 64, 96 instead of the suggested 128? I'm sure they can use a 32 with a 64 together.
They just want to use the cube as a background when reporting the news from today.   Or they want to block off spots for their transmission vans when the first people starting lining up for a product that won't be available for weeks. haha
New Posts  All Forums: