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  This is what I'm hoping for as well. Yes more things are now cloud based, but you need more than 16GB to have a good experience. Videos and pictures over one summer can fill it up quickly.
OMG A "C"!!! What does it mean?? If they don't print it on the millions of cables they'll produce, can Apple add $1000 to their quarterly bottom line?!     /s
I'd say the site is pretty, but useability has gone way down (maybe 20% of what it was). The layout is horrible, where others get 3 headlines instead of 11, I'm only getting 2.5 (I'm not going to adjust the layout of my tools and Dock size for this one site), and the font is a lot harder to read. My suggestions would be to get rid of the white space and change the font while keeping everything else and I think you'll satisfy enough people and the rest will eventually get...
If Apple's P/E rocketed to 312 that'd make a lot of people here quite happy
I have an "idea" that it exists. And say it doesn't exist and it is merely speculation (ignoring all rumours, leaked images, etc), we know that tablets that are roughly 7" cost roughly $200, maybe a little less, and maybe a little less that that if you're ordering enough components for tens of millions. We also have an idea from Apple's quarterly reports what they target for a profit margin. We can make some sort of ideal of what Apple would have to price an iPad mini to...
Good points here I think. It really will boil down to execution (though it could be executed worse than Apple, but 'good enough') but I still think Apple has to reconsider price points now.
They are selling for profit, they're just making the profit elsewhere. That does make a huge difference to the consumer though. They see functionality, specs and a price tag. How much do they really consider how much they're paying after the initial purchase?
I hate to say it, but the iPad pricing now seems very out of line with the rest of these tablets. Yes, you get more functionality for the price point, but it seems like the iPads are more "Pro" tablets. I hope Apple can keep their margins up and keep dominating the market.
Nice numbers (I didn't double check the math, but I believe you). It puts into perspective what the greatest product launch will look like if the 10M units this quarter are delivered.   I wonder what the split is for over-the-counter vs ordered is.
Assuming a Sept. 21 release, that gives them 10 days to deliver (not ship!) 10M units. To think they could stockpile that many units is insane while still producing the older model phones. That said, I have a spoon ready to eat my words if they do it. I'll help by picking up at least one of the 10M, hopefully in the first week.  
New Posts  All Forums: