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I think there is a lot of pressure for Apple to release new products in new categories, mainly because Tim did assert Apple is still a growth company. Current product lines are doing great, but are they enough to keep Apple's profits increasing every year? I didn't like that Tim had to use the "reasonable person" wording as a qualifier to help convince people either. It makes you think that what they have planned borders closely on their existing product line.
 Laughing all the way to the bank!
 They can't agree to those terms, that's cutting off the hand that feeds you your 'original designs'  ..so Samsung called Apple, and Google called Samsung?  Courts have already ruled mostly for Apple in these cases, so if a resolution wasn't reached, Apple was either asking for too much, or Samsung is just going to factor in these these $1B rulings as part of the expense to build phones. Unless the courts start to ban products in a timely manner, Samsung mobile will still...
high-fives all around!
Cracks Appear in Apple's Retail Strategy   Move Aside Google Glass, Apple Glass Will Shatter Expectations   Analysts Find Apple Having Problems With Glass, Lower Forecasts
Clippy reincarnated!   "Looks like you're trying to make a call, would you like some help with that?"
I'm curious to see what insane scores a doped up iPhone 5S could crank out.
Down for Canada as well even though we aren't on that list.   I can image people waking up to news of it selling out and ship dates slipping to 3-4 weeks. Plus I like to see the Apple faithful lined up outside stores (never done it myself) but doubt we'll see that if it's a surprise release.   I don't think it'll happen though, very unlike Apple to do so
 More than that, I'd like to see Apps and a game center/game store for Apple TV announced. Time to take on the consoles.
I wish Apple would just cut off analysts like Gene Munster. I mean, cut him off the earnings calls and all interviews. It obviously can't happen, but if Apple is willing to give him their time during calls to answer his questions, then at the very least he should take Apple at it's word instead of trying to fit their statement as some poor excuse for his awful analysis of the sales numbers. You lost what integrity you had, instead of just saying 'I must have missed...
New Posts  All Forums: