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I have an early 2011 15" MBP, occasionally I get weird graphics artifacts, but either they go away or I restart/sleep+wake and it's fine. This would probably explain a lot so I'll start doing my backups more often. 
Looking forward to seeing how big of an impact this will have on real day to day battery life. Can't wait!
Sapphire and plastic bandaids don't go together well.
Quote: It'll be divided as well (but that was entertaining thought though, haha)
On June 2, for each share of Apple you own, you will have 7 shares instead, and the price of each will be divided by 7. For example, if 1 share was $700, you'll have 7 shares worth $100 each. It makes it easier to buy smaller portions of Apple (that's where my dividends going!)
Canadians out of luck?
I think there is a lot of pressure for Apple to release new products in new categories, mainly because Tim did assert Apple is still a growth company. Current product lines are doing great, but are they enough to keep Apple's profits increasing every year? I didn't like that Tim had to use the "reasonable person" wording as a qualifier to help convince people either. It makes you think that what they have planned borders closely on their existing product line.
 Laughing all the way to the bank!
 They can't agree to those terms, that's cutting off the hand that feeds you your 'original designs'  ..so Samsung called Apple, and Google called Samsung?  Courts have already ruled mostly for Apple in these cases, so if a resolution wasn't reached, Apple was either asking for too much, or Samsung is just going to factor in these these $1B rulings as part of the expense to build phones. Unless the courts start to ban products in a timely manner, Samsung mobile will still...
high-fives all around!
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