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How does the mobile hot spot work if I have another device tethered to my phone and I get a voice call? Does my data connection drop?
We'll have to say it here in this thread as well. Apple or Steve Jobs didn't have to announce the iPhone for every single carrier that has it. There are many reasons why Verizon would do it instead of Apple.
If they're releasing a Verizon iPhone, the exclusive is obviously done. If T-Mobile were willing to play by Apple's rules, they could have their own press conference about the same time as Verizon.
You might want to ask T-Mobile instead. Clearly Apple is willing to allow multiple carriers in the same country to carry the phone, but knowing Apple, the carrier has to abide by their rules. If all of the current carriers (over 100?) can follow Apple's rules, then the ball is likely in T-Mobile's court
Agreed. Apple will say something like "to allow for the CDMA radio antenna, we had to separate another section of the metal band around the phone. For production efficiency reason, this has been made to all iphone 4s produced after x date". In reality, they'll take advantage of this small redesign to address the antenna issue IMO.
A question though: is the iPhone being on verizon already factored into the Apple stock price? It made a push upward towards the end of the day adding a billion or so in market cap. How much is such a deal worth?
It might be the most anticipated carrier for the iPhone, but does Apple really need to make the announcement? Did Apple go around an make an annoucement alongside all of the other carriers around the world? It's right that it is a Verizon event IMO. I'm glad that this is going to happen finally just so we can move on to other rumours. Speaking of which, Apple will probably hold their own event late January for the iPad and Macbooks as they've done in the past, which...
Same resolution on a smaller screen. They just need a screen with more densely packed pixels and no changes will be required.........until the iPad with a Retina display
I hope it has at least the same battery life even if it is thinner. I'd rather have a longer life on this machine (especially with Facetime and other new battery consuming features) than thinner. Keep it the same size with more juice!
Google takes turns working with each manufacturer to push out a device then moves onto the next one. And in the case with Motorola, if they didn't get Android, they wouldn't be around anymore. i'm sure they're very pleased with Google
New Posts  All Forums: