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They need a nearby tower to test within the Apple campus at full strength. They can then adjust the signal strength as need to do more testing (going into shielded rooms, etc). Apple has already acknowledged that they do a lot of real world testing all round the place and that it carries the risk of the phone be 'stolen' or misplaced (left at a bar). Don't think that Apple doesn't do a lot of real world testing on their phones. I would be there are engineers walking...
Apple could just eat the cost and take a small hit on its profit margin. They have said in the past that they're in a way better position to capitalize on economies of scale compared to anyone else and that they specifically have room to move with the iPad pricing if they have to.
My crystal ball says: Apple will have an another event by the end of the month to release new iPads and Macbooks! the next-gen iPad will have both GSM/HSPA+ and CDMA variants. 6 months is enough time between the CDMA iphone vs the GSM one, but a couple of months is too short of a time to come out with a iPad v1 that's cdma compatible only to have trumped ~2 months later. BTW, China is a cool place.
OH NO! Fragmentation!!! /s
that's.....absurd! Watching downloading new software on my computer through mobile hot spot when all of a sudden it just dies and I get a call... will the connection automatically resume at least?
How does the mobile hot spot work if I have another device tethered to my phone and I get a voice call? Does my data connection drop?
We'll have to say it here in this thread as well. Apple or Steve Jobs didn't have to announce the iPhone for every single carrier that has it. There are many reasons why Verizon would do it instead of Apple.
If they're releasing a Verizon iPhone, the exclusive is obviously done. If T-Mobile were willing to play by Apple's rules, they could have their own press conference about the same time as Verizon.
You might want to ask T-Mobile instead. Clearly Apple is willing to allow multiple carriers in the same country to carry the phone, but knowing Apple, the carrier has to abide by their rules. If all of the current carriers (over 100?) can follow Apple's rules, then the ball is likely in T-Mobile's court
Agreed. Apple will say something like "to allow for the CDMA radio antenna, we had to separate another section of the metal band around the phone. For production efficiency reason, this has been made to all iphone 4s produced after x date". In reality, they'll take advantage of this small redesign to address the antenna issue IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: