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Is the purpose for better-than-retina for squeezing more things on the screen? At that point, don't you actually start to lose detail? Might be a dumb question, but honestly, I don't understand.   I've had the original N7 for about a year, mainly for surfing and playing simple games. It warmed me up to Android and I could see where the Android crowd was coming from on certain angles. But now that iOS7 is coming, I think both OSes equally meet my needs and iOS works...
  I'm not sure why Tim said that remark about channel inventory making up the difference and no one asked for clarifications. In Q2 2013, the numbers were: 19.5M iPads sold, and 4.8M in channel inventory. This quarter Q3 2013, it was 14.6M iPads sold and 4.1M in channel inventory.   Q2 source: http://www.morningstar.com/earnings/51338386-apple-inc-q2-2013.aspx?pindex=4 Q3...
$35.3B in revenue, slightly up from last year
I'll expand on this a bit, if you're already typing a message and you scrolled up and want to get back to the bottom, pull the keyboard back down so it is hidden, then tap the message box again which will bring the keyboard back up and the scroll to the bottom
  +1 as top peeve for me as well!   BTW,  you don't need to scroll manually (if that's what you're doing), just tap the above the name (like the time) and it'll auto-scroll to the top quite quickly (at least it's fast for me for long threads on my 4S)
I would think this is more BestBuy recruiting MS rather than the other way around. BB has built too many massive stores that they can't keep operating if the online purchases and showrooming effect keeps building momentum. This could be their way of offloading costs to others.
  How well does it work for you asterion?
Looks more like a matte rose-gold (or copper-ish) colour to me than beige.  
$60B amazing, that's a huge number. Is this local, non-foreign cash?
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