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When you carry both the Fascinate and the Tab, how do you decide which to use?
Apple can just drag out a lawsuit. If they're already $400 mil in the hole and can't win a substantial amount in a lawsuit, they'll be gone in no time
does anyone have one of those aftermarket white replacement pieces for the iPhone 4? how are those doing? I think I saw a post from someone at Engadget that had one
Doesn't Microsoft already have a stake in Facebook?
I thought this was one of the most interesting points. He does seem to imply they're saving a lot of money and he has been eyeing some other giant company. I doubt it's Microsoft, but it looks like one day they will try to buy up someone big. Microsoft? Adobe? Oracle? HP? RIM? Intel? AMD? Qualcomm? who knows
Apple's projections are notoriously low. Like unbelievably low. Many people have asked them why they even bother. Their response has always been "we give a number we feel comfortable we can meet". And of course they blow it out.
This has a full notebook class processor. A sub-notebook, or "ultra portable". Netbooks have weaker processors. The size alone isn't enough to classify it as a netbook.
The current resolution of the ipad isn't spectacular. It is completely possible that the 7" tablet can have the same resolution but just higher ppi. Even at that, I don't think it will make it a retina display.
I hope Intel has been kept in the loop on this, I wouldn't want there to be bad tension between these two giants
Guesses on the amount of time someone attaches a screen, installs the iPad software, then packages it all into a netbook housing? It sounds remotely possible. Hackinpads here we come!
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