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Where's the link to the AI article about issues with Apple's stock moving to $400? It was a good read to illustrate the challenges they face to get to that price. EDIT: Found them: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...ls_part_i.html http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...s_part_ii.html
Not according to Apple's history. They will kill a top product (both in selling and class) and replace it with something they see as better. e.g. the iPod Mini was the best selling player they had and didn't have much competition, yet they still killed it at it's peak with the nano. They want to maintain the lead while they can, so it is possible they will have a product update by the end of the year. Personally, I'd like to see them be that aggressive with it. Not...
Any info on where the Apple retail stores will open in HK? and when?
iPod touch with a camera or two?
http://gizmodo.com/5495765/hello-steve-jobsI wonder if SJ still reads Giz, and what happened that day. Did he find out by someone telling him about the story, or did he see it himself first.
In that line of thinking, doesn't that mean that iFixIt's teardowns are also violations of trade secret laws?
Fully agree with your opinion on the timing of events.It would be pretty hard for Gizmodo to think these weren't trade secrets (and maybe instead Apple being overly uptight about letting anyone have a sneak peek) since they've run so many stories on how secretive the company is. It is their property to present whenever they choose (although I personally do think they do a great job in over hyping things with controlled leaks and stuff)
If Apple was requesting the return of property that wasn't theirs, then they would be another party involved in a chain of possessing stolen property. Steve Jobs calling and asking for it back should have been enough confirmation. If they took the call and showed pictures of the phone not disassembled, that should have been enough. But they had to say they weren't fully sure until they took it apart which is where I think they crossed the line.
The chairs the audience sits in should all be bar stools with an iphone 4G disguised as a 3GS on them.
at the biggest fan boy gathering you would have a mass exodus headed toward the closest Apple and AT&T stores! haha
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