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Was going to say it looks pretty good, but only because if a Dyson and a black iPhone 5 went drinking together, this would be their lovechild.
Lets not forget a major push into gaming when they previewed the controller attachments for the iphone/touch. That will drive lots of new revenue especially with some updates to an AppleTV.
Gimme a break  
I'm not saying it shouldn't be done (my guest account is used all the time on my N7) or that they can't figure it out, but it's certainly not "That is no more difficult or challenging that setting up the passcode lock." there are a lot more things to consider and do. You were trivializing it to something simple when it is not. Yes, iOS is a variant of OSX, but you don't necessarily do what desktops do on a mobile platform.
So draw a box on the login screen for another user and voila! Done!   Consider how to restrict or grant access to data/apps on the same device between users? Or can you when you switch, do you actually logout and shutdown or suspend programs or keep them running in the background? How do you determine who gets what storage space? It's certainly not a simple thing to do.
Is the purpose for better-than-retina for squeezing more things on the screen? At that point, don't you actually start to lose detail? Might be a dumb question, but honestly, I don't understand.   I've had the original N7 for about a year, mainly for surfing and playing simple games. It warmed me up to Android and I could see where the Android crowd was coming from on certain angles. But now that iOS7 is coming, I think both OSes equally meet my needs and iOS works...
  I'm not sure why Tim said that remark about channel inventory making up the difference and no one asked for clarifications. In Q2 2013, the numbers were: 19.5M iPads sold, and 4.8M in channel inventory. This quarter Q3 2013, it was 14.6M iPads sold and 4.1M in channel inventory.   Q2 source: http://www.morningstar.com/earnings/51338386-apple-inc-q2-2013.aspx?pindex=4 Q3...
$35.3B in revenue, slightly up from last year
I'll expand on this a bit, if you're already typing a message and you scrolled up and want to get back to the bottom, pull the keyboard back down so it is hidden, then tap the message box again which will bring the keyboard back up and the scroll to the bottom
New Posts  All Forums: