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This stock has been beaten down so hard on just rumours so badly. Apple will announce blow out numbers next week, but whatever they say their forward guidance will be will be fuel for the naysayers to push this stock down to $450. I only wonder at what point will they finally put money back in, change their tune, and have the stock make a run at $800.   On another note, I got a MotoDroidGalaxySMAXXIncredible 9" phone last week, I swear it's made by Mattel or Hasbro....
  After Googling, I assume you're trying to reference this article: http://www.zdnet.com/samsung-to-ship-over-60m-smartphones-in-q4-7000007714/   which says 60M smartphones of which they estimate 15M GS3's. There's no point in trying to trick people with ridiculous numbers when they can easily look up and rebuff your statements.   Regardless 15M GS3's are still a lot of phones, but in this context will not come close to iPhone 5 sales.   and 60M smartphones sold include...
His point is not that the 18M would have been affected, but the number of iPhones sold was down because of the waiting. e.g. if it was 15M iPhone 4Ss sold, it could have 20M, thereby beating out the S3. So iPhones sales were down the previous quarter than 'normal' but also higher this past quarter than 'normal' after the waiting was over. You'll then also get some people (including Apple) saying it would have even been higher if they could make them faster.
  I'm basically one of the users you'd reference. Long time iOS user, had a Galaxy Nexus from work for over a year on Gingerbread which I didn't like, but once I got Jellybean (after a long delay from Canadian carriers, more on this in a bit), I really liked it. I bought my own Nexus 7 a few months ago before the iPad mini came out and I'm starting to 'get' Android now. I'd say if I were to choose from nothing, I'd lean towards Android but it's not enough to switch over...
Article reports that AT&T said 10M smartphones were sold including a record number of iPhones. The article references 7.6M iPhones from the same quarter last year (no source, though a quick google search points to AT&T). You are correct in that AT&T doesn't say 8M iPhones, so technically it can be 7.6M + 1, regardless the majority were iPhones and a new record.
At least in Canada, Best Buy won't price match any competitor if the item isn't in stock at the time of purchase. They've always called up the closest store to check if they have inventory or if the website shows inventory free shipping. More iPhones sold at the expense of BestBuy
  I'll state the obvious: Something doesn't add up.   At the end of June, they said 1M activations per day, with 400M devices activated. Now, it's Dec, so take July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, 5 months total, 30 days per month, which should mean they're at 550M. That's being 'conservative' with their own numbers, since there are more than 30 days in Jul, Aug, and Oct, and the rate of activations has increased according to them. They've recently stated 500M total at 1.3M per...
This was my first thought too, but would China Mobile phones still have FCC identification on them? Isn't the network technology incompatible? On the other hand, there is probably a need for an ID if these phones ever made it into the US by travelers regardless if the phone would work or not. Anyone have more info on how a China Mobile phones work in the US?
Will Apple consider creating its own manufacturing/assembly facilities?    Will a well funded LG/Sharp/etc by Apple component orders eventually be another 'tier 1' competitor like Samsung?
Title should be "More powerful processor in new skin found to be more powerful than weaker processor in old skin", or simply "More powerful processor found to be more powerful"
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