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  +1 as top peeve for me as well!   BTW,  you don't need to scroll manually (if that's what you're doing), just tap the above the name (like the time) and it'll auto-scroll to the top quite quickly (at least it's fast for me for long threads on my 4S)
I would think this is more BestBuy recruiting MS rather than the other way around. BB has built too many massive stores that they can't keep operating if the online purchases and showrooming effect keeps building momentum. This could be their way of offloading costs to others.
  How well does it work for you asterion?
Looks more like a matte rose-gold (or copper-ish) colour to me than beige.  
$60B amazing, that's a huge number. Is this local, non-foreign cash?
I still stick by my opinion, maybe I should have taken more time to explain it more but that is still the gist of it. He was the CTO and specifically fought for flash. Flash was good in concept a decade ago but since then new technology has made it replaceable for the most part. Adobe could have and should have made flash much more light weight instead of resource hogging and prone to crashing. I believe Apple did give flash a real consideration but ultimately Jobs was...
After playing a major role in the death of Flash, Apple hires Adobe CTO, who subsequently resurrects Flash as a Apple branded product that only works on iOS browsers. /s But seriously, please have extremely high standards now that you're working for Apple. My main impression of Adobe is from Flash and Acrobat, and it's not a good one.
My guess on their list of overvalued stocks, it would also be AAPL.   Look at the P/E on a company like Amazon or even Google compared to Apple, it's ridiculous. Also it's not like Apple is making less money than before and growth is still positive.
Remember when the 4 first came out and Foxconn had to purchase many machines to produce certain parts that were typically only used for prototyping? They've found a way to make enough of the parts since then, but part of me questions if they should just consider repackaging previous year's models into something easier and cheaper to make and compromising a bit on the 'premium' aspect. They'd still be great products in terms of usability, can be considered/marketed as...
If it were more affordable, my company would have purchased a unit for each of our offices. There isn't a need for them, but it would serve the purpose to explore the other office to see who's around and where instead of interruptive phone calls or having a big brother video system, but really because it'd be neat and a fun way to do so. I don't know how long the novelty would last.
New Posts  All Forums: