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At least in Canada, Best Buy won't price match any competitor if the item isn't in stock at the time of purchase. They've always called up the closest store to check if they have inventory or if the website shows inventory free shipping. More iPhones sold at the expense of BestBuy
  I'll state the obvious: Something doesn't add up.   At the end of June, they said 1M activations per day, with 400M devices activated. Now, it's Dec, so take July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, 5 months total, 30 days per month, which should mean they're at 550M. That's being 'conservative' with their own numbers, since there are more than 30 days in Jul, Aug, and Oct, and the rate of activations has increased according to them. They've recently stated 500M total at 1.3M per...
This was my first thought too, but would China Mobile phones still have FCC identification on them? Isn't the network technology incompatible? On the other hand, there is probably a need for an ID if these phones ever made it into the US by travelers regardless if the phone would work or not. Anyone have more info on how a China Mobile phones work in the US?
Will Apple consider creating its own manufacturing/assembly facilities?    Will a well funded LG/Sharp/etc by Apple component orders eventually be another 'tier 1' competitor like Samsung?
Title should be "More powerful processor in new skin found to be more powerful than weaker processor in old skin", or simply "More powerful processor found to be more powerful"
What's the battery life? 2 hrs?
  Something interesting about the iMessage stats is that though lots of people use it, many many more messages are sent through WhatsApp. Apple released their stats of 300B messages sent since iMessage went live (~1yr), while WhatsApp is sending 10B per day, 300B per year.      The stat I want to see are the number of top-tier "iPhone-killers" (or loosely-comparable Android phones for the iPhones that are available now 4/4S/5) that are sold, so we can exclude the crappy...
I can see Apple having a way to disable them or not activating them, but that doesn't prevent the sellers from getting rid of their stockpile. Before buying an mini from a 3rd party, will getting the serial number first and running a check on Apple's site help identify these units?
  Except it was all Levi's and black mock-turtle necks. 
I was thinking it would the other way and we'd see a Ferrari that's a rectangle with rounded corners, complete with similar shaped steering wheel, console switches, dials, and buttons, and of course the rims and tires have to have the same shape too.
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