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  Except it was all Levi's and black mock-turtle necks. 
I was thinking it would the other way and we'd see a Ferrari that's a rectangle with rounded corners, complete with similar shaped steering wheel, console switches, dials, and buttons, and of course the rims and tires have to have the same shape too.
(PRODUCT)^ROSSO CORSA   I'd like to see what would come out of this relationship.  
It's as usable as your iPad 2, which means very usable. It might have the occasional lag and apps don't open as fast, etc, but it's still very much sufficient for what's out there right now.   Everyone is focused on retina displays because everyone has been spoiled the last few years with them. If you use a retina display of any sort for long periods of time, and then look at a non-retina display, you can easily notice the pixelation and roughness of text. If you've been...
Not just cellular for data, I mean cellular for voice as well. I really hope that whatever is preventing this will go away, definitely not a technical problem
Yes, because lots of people can jam an iPad mini in their pockets.   /s       I finally got to hold one at an Apple store yesterday. I'm very impressed by its build quality and weight. The screen isn't good enough for me though as my eyes are spoiled by (near) retina displays. One funny thing was that a girl there asked if she could put in a sim card and use it as a phone. Even though I found it funny, if they made it, I'd buy it to replace my work phone. I only use a...
These are sold out everywhere I go. I didn't expect it to be completely sold out as there is a lot of negative news on it, but good for Apple. I just wanted to see it and hold it in hand, but even my local Best Buy didn't have any display units despite a having the product info sheets outs. I wonder if they'll be able to hold any inventory before Christmas is past
$20 off for Apple's black friday sale!
  This sales jumping is misleading I think. Did anyone say say that sales were dipping weeks before the iPad announcement? How many would be tablet buyers would be waiting to see what Apple announces before making a purchase? Surely sales would dipped because of anticipation, and then 'jump'  afterward. There's just not enough data here to make sense of it. I'm one of those guys specifically in that boat. I won't be use a tablet heavily, but I'm going to wait to have a...
Andy Rubin put it this way: "Tactically, we want to make sure the devices are available for every network on the planet." For now, that means that the Nexus 4 will only be available as an unlocked HSPA+ device.     Excuses. Doesn't this mean it won't work on Verizon? And doesn't he also imply it'll never have LTE?
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