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$20 off for Apple's black friday sale!
  This sales jumping is misleading I think. Did anyone say say that sales were dipping weeks before the iPad announcement? How many would be tablet buyers would be waiting to see what Apple announces before making a purchase? Surely sales would dipped because of anticipation, and then 'jump'  afterward. There's just not enough data here to make sense of it. I'm one of those guys specifically in that boat. I won't be use a tablet heavily, but I'm going to wait to have a...
Andy Rubin put it this way: "Tactically, we want to make sure the devices are available for every network on the planet." For now, that means that the Nexus 4 will only be available as an unlocked HSPA+ device.     Excuses. Doesn't this mean it won't work on Verizon? And doesn't he also imply it'll never have LTE?
Awesome resolution on the Nexus 10, but I sure hope it's not pentile garbage.   The Nexus 4....no LTE, no removable battery (Android users care), no SD slot (again, comparing against other androids). but $349 unlocked! that is cheap (maybe in other ways too =P). Samsung and other OEMs must be upset at this pricing, then again all Nexus pricing looks to be screwing over their own partners at the cost of fighting Apple.
  Apple analysts worried about Samsung, Samsung analysts worried about Apple. Both companies bring in billions while growing their profits substantially in a downturn market. Sure enough both stocks fall. In three months from now, one of these two will be more of a winner than the other (hoping it's Apple), but both will be winners regardless...and the Wall St. punishment cycle will continue
Refurb prices on the iPad 3 are now $379!    I'm also betting on another refresh in 6 months so they can keep the product cycle the same as it was before. They should have events all year round to keep the Apple machine going
No, not sarcasm. I'll agree that traditional (non-tech) business strive for that margin, but in tech, this is insanely high. Look at Dell or HP, their margins are half of what Apple's are. Along with super-high expectations for growth, Apple is always under the gun and doesn't get the same treatment as other companies.    This is sarcasm: Apple should have a P/E like Amazon's. haha
In a way it's a shame. Samsung makes really good LCD panels. But in time I think the competition will catch up, especially with piles of cash from Apple paid upfront. Samsung keep pushing their crappy Pentile displays in the meantime which are currently vastly inferior IMO. All of this sounds to me that the settlement or licensing discussions didn't get too far and they were way apart. Hopefully Apple will turn up the heat and crank out killer phones generations more...
Expecting a 42-43% margin. That's ridiculous.
They are running a promotion until January where you can buy Win8 pro for $70. After that, it'll be $200. At this price, I'm thinking about trying it out for my old WinXP machine that I haven't touched in a year after getting an mac mini. Of course sales are going to be heavy at this price.  
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