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In a way it's a shame. Samsung makes really good LCD panels. But in time I think the competition will catch up, especially with piles of cash from Apple paid upfront. Samsung keep pushing their crappy Pentile displays in the meantime which are currently vastly inferior IMO. All of this sounds to me that the settlement or licensing discussions didn't get too far and they were way apart. Hopefully Apple will turn up the heat and crank out killer phones generations more...
Expecting a 42-43% margin. That's ridiculous.
They are running a promotion until January where you can buy Win8 pro for $70. After that, it'll be $200. At this price, I'm thinking about trying it out for my old WinXP machine that I haven't touched in a year after getting an mac mini. Of course sales are going to be heavy at this price.  
Well Andy, it went below $615 unlike you expected. Not holding it against you, because of all of the bad tech news recently. With 30min of trading left, I'm debating how much I should dump in today.........  
I'm mainly looking for the availability date. Been waiting for a device smaller than an iPad, bigger than a touch for my parents to use while traveling. Hoping for a release by the 26th!  
I have a galaxy nexus and I didn't get an update for Jelly Bean until last month. MONTHS after it was released and I have a Nexus!! You know why? because a Canadian nexus isn't a real nexus, the update comes from Samsung, not Google. How long will I have to wait for KLP?   An on my 4S? I can install iOS6 the very same day it was released.  
  You have to note that TS only modified the article text in the forums, not on the original article on the AI site. He is a forum mod, so can't modified posted articles. The forum version of the article now says "may not launch until around the time when Apple's fourth full-size iPad is expected to hit the market."
  No, buy BIGGER pants!
  If people are cross-shopping this with the iPad, then you're comparing it to typing on the screen or buying a BT keyboard to carry along separately. Both you can (likely?) do with the Surface as well. This cover does add a new possibility that's not available from Apple. Haven't seen one from a 3rd party cover maker either
The "iPad Little" lol   Time to upgrade my Mac mini, iMac, iBook, and iPhone, and get a iPad... except i can't afford to. one can only dream
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