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  You have to note that TS only modified the article text in the forums, not on the original article on the AI site. He is a forum mod, so can't modified posted articles. The forum version of the article now says "may not launch until around the time when Apple's fourth full-size iPad is expected to hit the market."
  No, buy BIGGER pants!
  If people are cross-shopping this with the iPad, then you're comparing it to typing on the screen or buying a BT keyboard to carry along separately. Both you can (likely?) do with the Surface as well. This cover does add a new possibility that's not available from Apple. Haven't seen one from a 3rd party cover maker either
The "iPad Little" lol   Time to upgrade my Mac mini, iMac, iBook, and iPhone, and get a iPad... except i can't afford to. one can only dream
  IMO, it's because the marketing around the Surface makes the cover a big selling point. The ads focus on the cover a lot, so it builds the expectation that it is part of the device. Then you see a starting price of $499, (possibly) get excited, then see the 'real' starting price for what you were shown is actually $599. There's a disconnect there that TechCrunch is pointing out
To be honest, this looks really desirable at first glance (or on the 'surface' heh), but I'm so weary about how well it'll be executed. On the hardware side, I wonder how well the tactile feedback will be on that cover, how much wear it can take, or how dirty it'll get. As for performance, I like to see how it stacks up in terms of battery life etc. Looks great as a concept, but can't wait to see how well it actually does.   Seeing this is the price for RT tablets,...
Is this in fact a retina MacBook Air? or will it not have the wedge shape for a bigger battery?
Do American carriers have some kind of reservation system in place for getting an iPhone? My friend was put in queue two and a half weeks ago at #2000+ and only now is he at #10 with Rogers in Canada. He's in Toronto so I'd figure we have more people wanting to buy than anywhere else in the country (you know, centre of the universe and all). So are people getting their phones some other way, or is supply actually that problematic? Like the article says the demand should be...
Nexus S is the second Nexus phone, the GNex is the Galaxy Nexus the 3rd phone, which should have had more sales
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