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"...but has yet to decide whether the addition would benefit its customers." Translation: We don't like the idea of Apple getting in the way of our data collecting.
Respectfully, I'm not sure I completely agree. Yes, it's not an iPad, but the weight is reasonable (it's 1.7 lbs vs 1 lbs). Also, it is as powerful as many entry to mid level laptops. I think it's a fine device for those that must have full blown Windows on the go. That said, I think I'd still rather have an MBA or iPad MBP combo. I'm an Apple fan, but this is the first device that I've taken notice of where I haven't said, "wow, this is dead in the water."
My company purchased one for testing. These are my honest observations: It's actually a nice piece of hardware (durable and "slick") The keyboard is a major improvement over the Surface 2 (and 1) We believe it could replace a users desktop computer as it runs non-crippled Windows and is generally fast.   The Cons: For the price, we can purchase a cheap desktop and an iPad Our users aren't asking for them Our users want Macs (and are willing to use Bootcamp for...
 I couldn't agree more. Why not just have a keypad on the thing. I could connect via bluetooth to set it to have a "one time only" open for a guest, or a "time window" if we have someone checking on the house, etc. This device still makes me reach into my picket, unlock my phone, find an app, and unlock the door. Why not just reach into my pocket and grab my key.
Hopefully, Aperture Pro X is next in line :D
  And the price... I would love to see us return to the days of sub $2000 Mac Pro (at that time, PowerMac), but I'm not holding my breath.   I love the iMac, minus the tangled mess of wires you have if you have a few external hard drives, media reader, etc. Also, I would much rather have two 22" screens vs. one 27" screen.
I hope they add this to Final Cut Pro. An export goes from 0% to ~60% in an hour on a big export, and from ~61% to done in about five minutes.
It can't come soon enough. Unfortunately, many pros have simply moved on to an iMac or MacBook Pro, so I wouldn't be surprised if sales are a bit soft.   Also, they really need to get back to their previous pricing structure where they would sell a bare bones Power Mac for ~$1799.
Buy low, sell high... Dell is working it in both directions. He made a fortune when it went public, and now is giving a small fraction back, now that is isn't worth nearly as much.   That said, Dell is suffering, and this may be their only way out.
I'm writing from a: - Processor  2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - Memory  2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3   While the system doesn't blow anyone away, it's a nice little portable system. When I need to do some serious data crunching, I use my desktop.   I find this system is find for base tasks, but I wouldn't try throwing Photoshop type stuff at it.
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