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This is simply a raw parts cost, nothing else.
Exactly. It could be a great service, but with Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and the other options out there that run on both my computer, TV, and iPhone, I'm not going to lock my music up on an Xbox.
If I were the phone companies, I would be more concerned that over 70% either don't think they need it or don't really care (aka, "they are all the same"). I would put myself in the "I don't NEED it group." Sure, it would be nice, but I'm really not willing to pay anything extra for the additional speed.
I do wonder how useful the retina display will be for current video projects.
      Tablet PC v.2?
Well, Apple does like to recycle I think you are spot on. If one of the cores come out with issues, they could simply disable it and throw it in this device.
That seems like an odd comment. Both segments are profitable (Mac and iPhone) and doing the best they ever have. "Boat anchor" usually references a segment that is holding an organization back. That simply isn't true with the Mac. Also, should it be any surprise that a $100-$300 device is outpacing a $999-$3,000+ computer? Apples and Oranges
It's only been ~7 months since FCPX was released. I would be surprised if any true pro moved to a new platform in such a short amount of time. We could argue that Apple's abrupt transition may have caused many to explore alternatives, but most pros think in 2-4 year time frames.
To be fair, it is clear that Apple and Google are the two dominant mobile phone players... and Microsoft is doing everything they can to also be relevant. Between those three, outside of the niche, I don't see a big need for a fourth option. I'm not saying there shouldn't be other options, but if I were a company, I wouldn't buy WebOS as a strategy for rapid growth.
That's the first thing I thought of. Apple TV will get applications... how revolutionary will they be? Who knows... but I can see the Apple TV being an absolute Trojan horse. If the Apple TV had "cool apps," did Netflix, and streamed movies... it would replace much of my PS3 needs.
New Posts  All Forums: