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Wait, are you comparing the purchase of a house to a subscription licence for software? At the end of 30 years, you own the house... at the end of 30 years with the Adobe licensing plan, you own nothing. At least with the traditional method of buying a license, you can still use your old version of the software. With the subscription method... it disappears. In my mind, Adobe is INCREASING the price of the software AND adding a kill switch. If they were selling it for $50...
I'm now of the opinion that Apple should offer it as an option. If I were a student, I could see an advantage to of having a blu-ray player in the dorm, and that's just one example. It may not be for everyone, but some people would welcome the option.
IMHO, charging 99 cents is the best way to kill facetime on the mac. I'm sure they are trying to get more people to sign up with the offer, but I just don't want to see a $129 OS X upgrade where I have go to and spend an additional $50 for upgrades.
I don't agree. The problem is, regardless of how competent the next CEO is, it won't be Steve Jobs. The person may be smarter, more of a presence on stage, have a better understanding of technology, etc. but when Jobs is gone, he is gone and the worst thing Apple could do is to try and replace the person. I've seen it happen in sports. A veteran coach leaves... and the next guy fails. It happens because the fans are trying to compare people, styles, etc. and not the...
The cool thing is, you can load any app/malware on it! Apple doesn't like the fact that people have been doing this, but there are many happy Jailbroke iPhone users out there. It does let them micro manage their applications, run rogue programs, etc. But those of us that actually need to trust their phones... just play nice with the (rather reasonable) restrictions.
I would argue that Microsoft would have a very difficult time trying to roll a Microsoft Store out. It would be viewed as anti-competitive. Don't get me wrong, I think it would benefit them considerably... but their organization would be scrutinized considerably. Also, Microsoft isn't well suited for radical change from the top down.
I realize that not being able to boot would be an issue, but I can't do my current job without an internet connection. I can't even print unless I walk the laptop to the network printer and plug it in (not going to happen). In a work environment... an internet connection is nearly as important as electricity. As you mention in your post, this must be fore iOS devices. It still seems a little premature... but many patents are.
I wouldn't say RIM is dying... but Apple and Android are perceived as the "it" companies. Also, you don't see nearly as many RIM developers. And as we all know: Developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers.
I just tested the new Skype iPhone app. The video chat was between Atlanta GA and New York NY. Skype worked wonderfully. The image quality is similar to FaceTime, but the UI of Skype was a little foreign to me, but I'm sure that will change after a few calls. As a FaceTime AND Skype user, I'm very happy with this update. I'm not of the opinion that you must choose between FaceTime and Skype... they can live together. That said, with the limitations of FaceTime (WiFi...
This just doesn't add up. Netflix is available on 100x more devices and there is a lower point of entry . Just wait until Netflix starts offering newer rentals. I think Netflix is still in the testing and audience gathering phase of their service. I'm hooked on the $8 Netflix service. I always find something worth watching. Apple Store - Apple TV - iPhone - iPod Touch - Computer Netflix - Apple TV - iPhone - iPod Touch - PS3 - Computer - Xbox 360 -...
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