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I think many of us have been saying this for some time. The iPhone only has access to ~32% of the mobile phone users in the United States (to be fair, I'm of the opinion that the iPhone built many of those users). Android has access to nearly 100% of the market. The current situation looks like: iPhone on AT&T (~32% of the market) - vs - Android on AT&T (~32% of the market) Android on Verizon (~32% of the market) Android on Sprint Nextel (~17% of the...
I don't agree. I believe Internet access at the home will soon be viewed as a standard utility (on par with electricity and running water). For many businesses, it's already there. If the Internet goes down at my place of business, everything stops.
Many small to medium sized developers are going to absolutely love the App Store. It removes a considerable amount of overhead. Marketing, application packaging, activation, etc. etc. It lets them focus on what they do best. I'm guessing the medium to larger organizations are going to want to negotiate the 70/30 split as they have more to lose.
I agree, but I feel it goes beyond being resistant to crashing and usability. It ushers in trusted computing on the Mac platform. I can see Apple marketing saying, "If you don't want a virus, only download Apple Store applications." I could actually see this being a requirement for school and government environments where people don't want people downloading and installing malicious software. Also, this is the perfect "parental control" that some people want/need. I am...
Just remember, the iPhone is only on AT&T... We will see the 2nd flood when the device moves over to Verizon
I like the idea of buying Adobe, but I'm not sure that's what Apple needs. They have a number of competing products. iPhoto/Aperture vs. Lightroom Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere After Effects vs. Motion Etc. etc. etc. Considering Adobe is still ingesting Macromedia... I'm not sure if now is the time to strike.
Couldn't agree more. If Apple doesn't fix the issue, I think we can all agree that there is a reason to bring in the lawyers, but it's only been ~4 days.
I've gone full circle... I've gone from "wow, I absolutely want one" after the keynote to "no way." I am now somewhere in the middle. I don't need one, but can't wait to see one. I'll hold off for the next version for now, but again, can't wait to see one.
I want you to take a LONG hard look at this graph:...and remember, the iPhone only has ONE carrier.Multitasking is NOT holding the iPhone back, being chained to AT&T is. It's that simple.Android has a demographic of ~258.2 million people to pool from. The iPhone has ~85.1 million potential users. Oh, and remember... the iPod Touch (which is more popular than the iPhone, also uses the same OS. I don't see millions of users rushing out to buy Android enable music...
They drive me crazy... the iPod wasn't perfect, but Apple continued to refine the idea, over and over. Microsoft seems obsessed with cleaning the slate every few years.
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