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CS5 will make me want to open my pocketbook. I look forward to real 64bit support.
Ouch... but I'm not surprised. Snow Leopard is really a fresh start for Apple in many ways. It's the only way that they can stay competitive AND innovate. I'm looking forward to Friday.
I'd love for Apple to come out with a similar ad. I can see it now... "Where is your PC now?" Go back and interview those people 4 years down the road. I used my PowerMac well over 6 years.
I feel the same way when collaborating on a Google Doc. For me, it isn't the beauty of the application, it is the functionality... and being tied to a "file" on my HD seems silly in 2009.
In my opinion, this is a good thing for Mac/Google users. I know many users that are VERY frustrated with Office. They HATE the new interface... they hate the docx issues (granted, it's MS trying to be more open), they are simply frustrated. Oh, and they are tired of shelling out money for upgrades that really don't offer any new features. Google Docs will continue to gain an audience because: - It is free - It is easy to use - It is available today That said,...
One key item you seem to be overlooking is that phones carry contracts... and nobody knew about the original iPhone before it was released. This caused the slower addoption rate for the 2G iPhone. It was also a completely new platform, had no applications, was missing features, and had a high price, ($500 and $600? What were they thinking!!!) The 3G was a major success because it gave consumers enough time to let their contracts end and review the progress of the OS...
Not if they are giving it away for free... With your argument, I could argue that Apple is also wide open for anti-trust concerns for many of the new features of Leopard. Many of them were offered by 3rd parties.
Great idea for those that need the extra security, but there are a number of situations where I would want anyone/everyone to be able to use my phone. Example: Emergencies I'm guessing they would make an emergency button so the phone could call 911?
It is unfortunate that Apple took this path. Why they didn't offer a free alternative for manufacturers is bizarre. Reminds me of the Apple display adapters from way back. It's simply not necessary.
I have an iPhone... and a HP netbook. Both are great, but there is little overlap in many situations. What the iPhone just can't do: - Take notes (I simply can't input text fast enough) - Work with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, (look at, yes, edit... no) - Be bigger. I'm in my 30s, and while I love the iPhone, I can't read a long document on it without having issues. Again, the iPhone is amazing... but it's not going to replace a keyboard/large screen.
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