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Great idea for those that need the extra security, but there are a number of situations where I would want anyone/everyone to be able to use my phone. Example: Emergencies I'm guessing they would make an emergency button so the phone could call 911?
It is unfortunate that Apple took this path. Why they didn't offer a free alternative for manufacturers is bizarre. Reminds me of the Apple display adapters from way back. It's simply not necessary.
I have an iPhone... and a HP netbook. Both are great, but there is little overlap in many situations. What the iPhone just can't do: - Take notes (I simply can't input text fast enough) - Work with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, (look at, yes, edit... no) - Be bigger. I'm in my 30s, and while I love the iPhone, I can't read a long document on it without having issues. Again, the iPhone is amazing... but it's not going to replace a keyboard/large screen.
If that is true, it's already dead... The Apple Netbook would need to be in the $650 to $799 range... max, or you might as well kill it now. The entire idea surrounding the netbook craze is INEXPENSIVE + ULTRA-PORTABLE. My suggestion to Apple... take the Dell Mini 9, update the cpu with whatever is next... add the beautiful design you are known for (black/white plastic), tack on the 20%-40% Apple Tax and there you go. Seriously, it's not that tricky. Apple Netbook - $550 -...
I think this is a good thing, but still don't see Apple offering a sub $600 notebook/netbook... but I'd be happy to buy one. Regarding tablets... I simply don't get them. For the most part, the handwriting recognition seems to be a novelty. I had a palm for a while, and was rather fast at entering text, nothing came anywhere close to a keyboard. I'd love to hear someone talk about the positive experiences they have had with a tablet computer.
I picked one up yesterday... and I'm loving it. Why apple doesn't offer this little monster in a different enclosure is beyond me. If you could throw in a few regular HDs, I'd be jumping for joy. I've already nearly filed the 120GB drive. We finally have dual screens... so I guess I should be happy.
Actually, some of the photos were either fakes (where the person had seen one? or was an Apple mock-up) because the fan holes vary depending upon your source.http://images.apple.com/macmini/imag...ts20090303.jpghttp://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget....-09macmini.jpg Strange...
iLife is a great package, but I'm one of the many people that only use iPhoto. It's getting harder and harder to shell out $79 for that one program. I know, I know... Apple isn't forcing me to purchase it, but if they had a $39.95 iPhoto option, that would be nice.
This would be a horrible laptop. My iPhone replaced my laptop, but at the end of the day... I need a REAL keyboard with tactile response. Anything else simply won't work.
Apple hasn't had an affordable (Sub $1600) tower in over 6 years. Sure, I could get one used... but I'm talking NEW.
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