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If that is true, it's already dead... The Apple Netbook would need to be in the $650 to $799 range... max, or you might as well kill it now. The entire idea surrounding the netbook craze is INEXPENSIVE + ULTRA-PORTABLE. My suggestion to Apple... take the Dell Mini 9, update the cpu with whatever is next... add the beautiful design you are known for (black/white plastic), tack on the 20%-40% Apple Tax and there you go. Seriously, it's not that tricky. Apple Netbook - $550 -...
I think this is a good thing, but still don't see Apple offering a sub $600 notebook/netbook... but I'd be happy to buy one. Regarding tablets... I simply don't get them. For the most part, the handwriting recognition seems to be a novelty. I had a palm for a while, and was rather fast at entering text, nothing came anywhere close to a keyboard. I'd love to hear someone talk about the positive experiences they have had with a tablet computer.
I picked one up yesterday... and I'm loving it. Why apple doesn't offer this little monster in a different enclosure is beyond me. If you could throw in a few regular HDs, I'd be jumping for joy. I've already nearly filed the 120GB drive. We finally have dual screens... so I guess I should be happy.
Actually, some of the photos were either fakes (where the person had seen one? or was an Apple mock-up) because the fan holes vary depending upon your source.http://images.apple.com/macmini/imag...ts20090303.jpghttp://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget....-09macmini.jpg Strange...
iLife is a great package, but I'm one of the many people that only use iPhoto. It's getting harder and harder to shell out $79 for that one program. I know, I know... Apple isn't forcing me to purchase it, but if they had a $39.95 iPhoto option, that would be nice.
This would be a horrible laptop. My iPhone replaced my laptop, but at the end of the day... I need a REAL keyboard with tactile response. Anything else simply won't work.
Apple hasn't had an affordable (Sub $1600) tower in over 6 years. Sure, I could get one used... but I'm talking NEW.
Why not just make a little bigger for a real HD... A second HD and the optical drive... $2700+ is too much for such a configuration.
I wish they would have chosen a different location. Metro Center, Dupont, Columbia Heights... Georgetown isn't the greatest location for a majority of the city, but I'm sure it's more about the college students (Georgetown and GW are within walking distance). Logan Circle would have been interesting or even Woodly, but again, I think it's more about the students. That being said, they should pay taxes on the building, period.
I feel it is important to remember that the iPhone isn't competing evenly with RIM as the iPhone is tied to AT&T. While I do love my iPhone, I do miss the service Verizon offered.
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