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That program is one of the most popular radio programs in the US. So, it's a fair bit of coverage.
This is exactly what i've been waiting for... said no one.
I see big potential for cars. Being able to have tactile feedback to directly change a control, and to keep your eyes on the road, is going to be a good selling point, if not a safety requirement in the (distant) future. Kudos to them. I don't see an acquisition though. No reason to invest heavily in this technology, when a general purpose raised button implementation is what Apple would want. Moving fluids/parts presents a lot of headaches. Best to leave it as an...
Re: #2. I'm assuming since it can replace the key, it can do pretty much whatever it wants. I.e. put it's own key in place so any security check succeeds because it's your own key. Just my thought.
Apple Pay will be great for purchases, but what about online purchases? For instance, I use my card for shopping in B&M, but lots of places have it on file for reoccurring fees and things like Amazon. Maybe I should get one card for everyday use and then another for online places and consider that the 'unsecured' card. Hopefully Apple's online 'Pay' will be an option online soon.
After studying these aerial photographs, I see a weakness in its plans. A shaft leads right to its reactor core. If a small fighter could penetrate the outer defenses, it could get off a shot through one of the hypermatter reactor's vents.
I can't shake this feeling that some of you are heavy Reddit users...
It's interesting that a critical component of many of their products is being manufactured in the US. Makes me think their long-term plan is to bring much of manufacturing back to the states, or at least a portion of it for the US market. Alternatively, this could just be a move to keep IP in the states, and not have it raided by China, absorbing the costs of shipping sapphire.   Also, this small facility might just be a testbed for R&D on the manufacturing process, not...
 Health records are a mess, just as this article points out, but it's more complicated than your post. Every institution has a different system and it doesn't talk to the others. And they don't want them too, as doctor comments could easily create liabilities and different software systems are fortresses to retain customers. The technology to achieve an EHR system is much simpler (though not simple) than the implications to policy, business and health and human impacts....
In order to send transmissions on the island of Lost, you have to be far out on a boat. So, it would only work if it ran out of power while they were on a boat.** too soon for MH370 jokes?* too soon to make Lost jokes?
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