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I started removing old Google software from my machine and my performance improved vastly (what the heck did Google need to install on my machine ANYWAY). Now they want to write more stuff for my Mac? No thanks! 
I think they are referring to the fact that few of the Android phones out there run KitKat, which runs Android's Device Manager.
Ha ha. True. But, that's the crowd part with some weighted authority. Should handle this situation for the largest questions. I look forward to naming myself the greatest mambo dancer in southern England. That would probably go uncorrected for a while.
Good article. I want to add a few historical points.   1) Apple was let in, but by business people. The Parc people (largely separate and with a different mindset than the business unit) tried their darndest to keep them out. Nobody in Xerox knew what to do with Parc. That's why nearly all the amazing innovations there were developed into products outside of the company.    2) Based on my discussions with Xerox Parc people at conferences, I think this was...
They're waiting for Apple to do it first, then making a form just like it, but not quite as good.
I'm pretty sure that IS an Apple laptop. Did you get your links wrong?
  Careful, this is not Big Brother.   Big Brother is the generation of that metadata and the centralization of access to it for a 3rd party, usually a government organization. Just identifying data for you, i.e. not another consumer of that data, is just handy. So long as that data is not being shared and used without your permission, there should be no problem.   Apple so far has tried quite hard to limit personal data sharing and exploits, especially in contrast to...
Few have had your type of impact on the world. Thanks. For my Mac. For Pixar. For my Phone. For Apple.
Ok, I just read the entire article. Very different from my comments here (and the writeup). Very Buxton sounding. Very insightful. Not sounding like Buxton is taking over MS. Too bad, I wish he had more interest in that.
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