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Um. This is normal people. Apple isn't evil. People aren't starving. Companies expect manufacturers to increase yield and find other cost savings over the life of a parts contract so they build in reductions to part costs into their contracts. Despite this not being as true these days, as manufacturing processes are pretty efficient from the start, this has not changed the contractual process. Because of this, parts companies make money at the beginning and tend to...
One of the major features of the service is them setting up the email support. It's in the article. That might cover this issue pretty well.
Well, in a way he did. He made the NeXT computer company which eventually led to OS X and Pixar which changed animation until it was ultimately bought by Disney to fix their studio.
Someone at marketing forgot to think of the naming implications... Agreed about the size. I'm waiting on the next iPhone so I can stop carrying even a digital camera. Now Dell wants me to have two phones in my pockets. I'm hoping to get rid of keys and wallet someday, not add more stuff to carry.
So this is a comparison between a new open standard, not fully supported or optimized yet by the browsers, versus an old proprietary system that has had years to optimize under the direction and whim of a single company. The results are interesting but the power of a standard is to not be reliant on a single company for optimization and roadmap. HTML5 allows each browser to support, optimize and improve as it deems most appropriate. Flash has done some amazing things,...
$3 billion on a product no analyst has yet seen. Captain obvious says maybe they should make a few models given differing estimates. Or, just wait until they have real data. I guess they need to eat too though.
It would be nice if companies that produce the content could directly market to Apple and sell there, away from the Big 3 and Fox. Then, Apple just turns into a market for whoever thinks they are good enough to produce content. Given the poor quality of much of the downloadable content, I don't know if this is good or bad. But, I do like the idea of cutting out the middle man and letting the market decide which TV shows to keep in production. Quality would probably be...
Just to be picky: Ford paid his employees about twice the standard wage at the time and the model-T was made to be affordable. So, while I agree with your above statement, the analogy does not hold. Cheers.
Just to clarify a bit about optimization by multiple cores, it all really depends on the algorithm. N-body calculations are pretty much the ABSOLUTE BEST case for multi-core optimization as the calculations are small and are not dependent upon each other's results, until the next timestep (and even that can be fudged). I don't know too much about video optimization but would guess that it too is pretty open for optimization w/ multiple cores but there are quite a few...
Yes, the store costs money to maintain. Yes, support for hardware and software costs real money. Yes, boot camp costs money to maintain, i.e. upgrading it to Snow Leopard for one. Yes, creating an API and maintaining it would cost money. And to do it for the competition... Yes, OS X can be used without iTunes so it is still just an App. Wow, were these real questions? No hostility is meant by this post, though it comes across that way.
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