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Just to clarify a bit about optimization by multiple cores, it all really depends on the algorithm. N-body calculations are pretty much the ABSOLUTE BEST case for multi-core optimization as the calculations are small and are not dependent upon each other's results, until the next timestep (and even that can be fudged). I don't know too much about video optimization but would guess that it too is pretty open for optimization w/ multiple cores but there are quite a few...
Yes, the store costs money to maintain. Yes, support for hardware and software costs real money. Yes, boot camp costs money to maintain, i.e. upgrading it to Snow Leopard for one. Yes, creating an API and maintaining it would cost money. And to do it for the competition... Yes, OS X can be used without iTunes so it is still just an App. Wow, were these real questions? No hostility is meant by this post, though it comes across that way.
Remember that Free Software does not mean no cost. Free can mean both open and free of charge. In this sense, I agree that iTunes store should be Freely accessible. Since Apple operates the iTunes store such that it makes little off it (it is a feature for its own products), then any company interfacing it should have free access but only if they pay for it. Then the store would be Free (Access) but not Free (in cost). Apple built it, gambled on it and spent its time...
In 2-3 years, when I buy my next laptop with a matte screen, I will be able to sit in my office with the lights on again. Honestly, thank you for this. Best $50 I will spend. And yes, I don't turn my lights on in my office because of my laptop. And yes, I have a special material across my screen to reduce glare. And yes, I still find the reflection annoying and headache inducing. And no, I am not a troll, this is a simple statement of how I have to use my laptop and I...
1) Installed SP2. 2) Opened three files in Word. 3) Word mixed the text and figures of the third file with the other two. And saved it. 4) 5) Check Mozy backup. 6) Realize Mozy's backup for some reason didn't back up the file for the past few months even though daily/weekly backups were made. 7) Thank the Lord that Apple makes Timemachine and restored file. Well, at least the SP2 makes Word open and scroll faster.
Pet peeve of mine... Communism is a form of government which chooses economic policies to achieve its philosophy. Capitalism is an economic system. Fascism is explicitly a mix of government and economics. China is an odd case since it is a communist government with an extreme form of capitalism but only in limited markets. Yes, I am aware it says Capitalism is a social system in Wikipedia. It is wrong.
It does seem snappier. If anything, that is worth the download right there. Hope its stable too.
Thank you Apple. I'd pay a lot of money to have a matte. As it is, I have a glare reducing film on my laptop. It isn't so much that the glossy is "distracting" but that it causes headaches and nausea. I can read the titles of book on the bookshelf behind my desk! I don't turn on my office light to keep the glare down. Thank you thank you thank you!
NOT APPLE BUILT, but using Apple machines. Big difference, especially to those that were involved in designing it and those volunteers that helped to build it.
Interesting because there was that recent rumor about Apple changing their store layouts. It makes sense that these are connected rumors. I.e. expand on the one-to-one and create more in-store space for it. Additionally, Apple wants to keep buyers in the store and not in the other authorized dealer's place. This is a good program to keep this going. I don't imagine they really want to have more people doing this training. They want a community and this is one heck of a...
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