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Where is that online, exactly? Do you have a link? Google is failing me..
The reference to Android is in the original article here (linked to in the AI article through the word "wrote":   http://www.branded3.com/blogs/the-antisocial-network-path-texts-my-entire-phonebook-at-6am/   The screens pictured are Android screens and the author mentions it in this paragraph:      
Yeah, what isn't clear from either of these statements is exactly what is it about Windows 8 that's such a disaster? I mean maybe Metro sucks, but what's that got to do with gaming..?   From what I can see, nothing in particular will change from Blizzard and Valve's points of view...   What am I missing here?
Excellent! I still have mine.
These trade-in programs low-ball their offers. Sold my iPad 2 (64GB Wifi) for $525 just over a week ago. Granted, I might not get quite that now that the 3 is out, but $320 is a real undercut for that device.
HAH!Sir, you have officially made my day with that quote. Long live the South I'm from Georgia, but I currently live in Los Angeles. As a small business owner, from my point of view, a key problem with California is the state has made it almost prohibitively costly to run a business here. Everything is more expensive. Taxes are high, business fees are high, the taxes make day-to-day expenses high (gas among them). And yet the state is broke. So they start looking for other...
Hmmm. I wonder how Sprint's customer service is these days....
JUST sold my 64GB wifi two days ago for $525.00. Pretty perfect timing, I think, though I do miss it quite a bit. Cannot wait to get a new one with that razor sharp screen.
He stacks them up and builds a little house out of them. For a small pet perhaps.
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