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how soon can you have it in production!8)
nah, can't wait.. i'll just sell it on ebay in 6 months.. and so, the cycle begins..
the more i think about it, the more i feel it will be better just to get max disk space and ram when i purchase it.. otherwise i'm going to have to replace something down the line..
i'm currently using a G4 350 AGP with 1.12gb of ram.. dad recently purchased an iBook 800 with 384mb of ram and it more than holds its own against the G4 for what i need to do - writing assignments, surfing the net etc.. of course, i can't convince dad to give me his ibook (after all it is his new toy ) so i'm going to have to get my own.. re: ram; down here in australia i can fill the entry level ibook with 640mb of ram and a 60gb hard disk for a little less than it...
thats what i thought.. so there won't be an update any time soon.. methinks i'll just buy an entry level ibook at 800mhz, unless anyone can convince me that the extra 100mhz is really going to make a difference!
oh, and when was the ibook last updated?
okay, the only question that really matters.. should i buy an ibook now, or should i wait!
actually WHOOPS! forgot about the combo update!
yeee ha.. thanks paul for all your help, but at the end of the day, i managed to solve it myself.. finally.. i'm now running 10.2.. after reinstalling it over the old system.. now i just have to go through the updates one by one..
have done..
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