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...and STILL no highlighting for PDFs. Because who would ever need to do that?
I happily paid for it -- and am enjoying it. But there aren't really any "all-new features." (For example, the mute filters you described were there in v2.) This is a thorough, cosmetic redesign -- and it's fantastic. But to cite "all-new features" isn't factual.
This article's headline is misleading. Since it doesnt mention the 5S, it seems to imply that the 5C will be the flagship. The article helps to clarify this, but the headline is still misleading.
You wrote: "accessible only by swiping left or clicking the home button..." But you meant: "accessible only by swiping *right*... :-)
Photos also obsoletes PhotoCal.
I subscribe to your RSS feed and follow you on twitter. I like the immediacy of twitter, plus the added benefit of retweets. But you do post items on the blog that you don't tweet.   Like many, I read several hundred tweets and articles a day, so it's not ideal, when reading the blog, to have to read past (actively filter out) articles that one has already read on twitter.   Any chance of a "non-twitter" feed, featuring only articles that weren't tweeted? Or is...
  Well, that isn't an oxymoron at all. So, in that sense, it's not so good.  :-)
If the subject of this article is intended to mean "without Wi-Fi," it's missing a hyphen: "Wi-Fi-free." Without the hyphen, "Wi-Fi free" means "Wi-Fi without cost." I'm just sayin'...  :-)    
have you ever owned an apple product? even if you haven't, are you *still* not yet aware that apple's goal is *always* to do things better than anyone else has previously?every issue you cited assumes (erroneously) one thing: that an apple-branded TV would be just like every other company's TVs. you seem to forget that apple is in the business of *revolutionizing* products. every single aspect of an apple TV would have been rethought -- right down to some new and simple...
not sure if you're following, Tim. as far as we know, iOS 6 maps don't have a replacement for street view at all. the new flyover' feature's nice and all, but that doesn't help us see what a destination or neighborhood looks like on the ground.unless apple has a surprise replacement specifically for streetview, a lot of folks are going to be disappointed by the loss of functionality.
New Posts  All Forums: