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The HDTV would need to have a longer lifeline of support than what apple currently does for many of its products. People will hold onto that 40" tv for a decade; will that TV be supported by apple's software updates in a decade? As providers change the software requirements to keep up with more modern functionality, can that hardware maintain? A $100 set top box is far easier to replace than a $1500 HDTV.
Updating my phone to 4.3.1 didn't go very well... Itunes crashed in the middle of the upgrade and during the restore, it botched the restore and didn't put all the apps in the proper folders. I'm still reeling from the mess and unsure where to put everything. (yeah I know I probably should delete some unused apps).
Wouldn't a replaceable battery fit the bill just as well?
I've been playing with this for about 10 minutes and my first impression is that multiple account households are going to have a tough time with this. The uploading software doesn't allow you to switch accounts- you have to launch the uploader from the different account in a browser to change accounts. But once you've put content in the cloud... well I haven't gotten that far yet. This would make me seriously consider an android device though.
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