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Considering that there are much more Android phones around, I'd lucky-guess that they are also bigger threat to dedicated cameras than iPhones are. And then, there are a few Nokias with high end cameras as well (at least in phone camera terms). But in general, it is business as usual. Market is brutal, unforgiving - and ever changing. Shift from film to digital killed some old-days titans, Kodak first on my mind. Smartphone cameras are killing P&S cameras, but they are...
Well, thank you for insulting me out of nowhere.I'm a kind of bum that sleeps with watch on me. I'm short-sighted, and when I wake up in the middle of the night, the easiest way to check time is to look at watch on my wrist. Other way, I'd have to put my glasses on, or grab phone/alarm clock from night stand to check time. Or have alarm clock with large illuminated digits, which I fine uncomfortable to sleep next to. I prefer having watch on my wrist.In addition, I travel...
I bet he does have a lot of freedom to do whatever he wants, but getting into something new might require Ive's full dedication, and full time. He doesn't strike me as "half-time" person, he will do it full throttle, or will not do it at all. And of course, there's designers' fatigue - you cannot re-invent same items forever, at some point you can be bogged down with your own previous designs - basically your own weight you are carrying, in a way.Sounds a bit like Adrian...
I envy you! I have 1st gen RX100, and I'd really love wider lens. RX100 III starts with 24mm equivalent... and is faster across the whole zoom range... I get only 28mm... But yes, those are amazing little cameras.
I think it is 1" sensor, same as in Nikon 1 platform and Sony's own RX100 cameras. It is smaller than 4/3 but larger than common P&S sensors.But yes, this is basically a complete screen-less camera - lens, sensor, processing/power. It uses phone for preview screen and controls... maybe storage? Not sure if these things have their own storage or not.
For work, yes. Reports about Surface Pro 3 (12" screen) being much nicer for work than Surface Pro 2 (10") are quite common. This might work well with Apple-IBM business-centric initiative. For home use, don't know... I basically agree with you, 10"-ish seem to be about right size for most scenarios. In my experience, if I really need more real-estate, I usually need more complex software too, which kind of makes laptop or desktop better solution in general.
Car models don't get upgraded every year, tho'. Like, 5th generation Subaru Legacy was in production between 2009 and 2014. Sure, there were different options - engine, equipment - but I'd consider them as different iPad Air variants - storage, 4G etc.The way I see it, tablets are - not unlike laptops and desktops - getting more than enough powerful for people not to justify frequent upgrade; at least until they conquer new market segments, which is what deal with IBM...
Wasn't the problem with soldering? Which would make it manufacturing problem (Foxcon or whoever was assembling them) rather than Apple's or Nvidia's. That being said, customers have Apple, not Foxcon laptop, so it makes sense to deal with Apple; and Apple should twist some ears at Foxcon.
Problem here is that Apple is not such a big customer of Intel's. iDevices are not using Intel logic, and laptops/desktops volume is not as big as HP's or Dell's, regardless of Apple's higher profit. In addition, all these talks about Apple moving away from x86 probably don't make Apple any more loved in Intel campus. All in all, it makes sense to me that Intel is counting more on their more traditional partners than on Apple.
What do you mean?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hBVNZFHM_chttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t673C0iPlmU...It is not gaming machine, but it still is i5/i7 PC.
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