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Just out of curiosity... you talked with everyone before posting that?I like to hear different opinions, in general. Will I agree or not is completely different question... but it's good to realize different angles.
OS? Unless you have Skynet Portable installed there, I think not. Even then. AI is not self-destructive, most of the time. Except for Marvin.OS never talks to hardware on that level. Combination of GPU's firmware, AMD drivers and some sort of enthusiast-level specialised overcooking software... maybe... though there's usually threshold between GPU becoming unstable and GPU experiencing horrible permanent death when you push to far. But it is never done on OS level.
Quite impressed with Here! Drive here in New Zealand. We are at the end of the world and small, sparsely populated country... hardly a priority for mapping. It shows in Here! Maps - no street views for any city (to my knowledge), and even satellite/areal view is mostly limited to low res, blurry, low contrast images. But Here! Drive... offline is big deal because there are many locations around with poor or no coverage. Also, system is quite accurate on this level - only...
There's always a way. They can give good licensing deal to 3rd party for regular updates. Windows 10 Maps app is using Here tech in a background - obviously MS has long term interest in this, if noone else.Either way... I'd really doubt that brands like Audi, Merc and BMW would allow to damage their image with utterly outdated maps.
Didn't realise that. Tough luck, man. Not that I'd believe OS can kill your GPU, but tough luck nevertheless.
7th anniversary of Radeon 4870. Oooh, that's so sad. But they did you a favor. Upgrade was well overdue.
Yep... their goal is 1 billion W10 devices in 3 years. 14 million W10 in first day of (limited) availability is definitely encouraging, but it doesn't mean much. They can achieve their goal in 6 months or the trend can dry out in two days. It will be interesting to observe, that's for sure.
OK, I have missed chart.Commercial licensing - accidentally part of my daily job - covers servers, various CALs (client access license), applications and Windows Enterprise Edition desktop OS licensing, which can be purchased only through Volume Licensing. In my experience, it is quite common for large environments (government and enterprises both) to adopt it - it has some useful benefits around deployment rollouts and others, compared to Pro.Devices and consumer...
I think not. I think free Win 10 is their attempt to make their Store more attractive to devs, by providing large number of users from the start. Since they also are pushing for Universal Apps and platform integration in general, they hope that Windows phone will benefit from renewed devs' interest in Windows.They will still be making good money from licensing Dell, HP, Lenovo and other OEMs with Win 10. Historically, existing users were always the most resilient, and this...
I'm from New Zealand. Outdoors is our second nature, and rarely any gets lost. Unless large quantities of beer and spirits are involved
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