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Oh, god forbid. That would be complete Adobe Creative Suite, perhaps? Adobe Lightroom 6 should be around $140, give or take.
Yep... this first iteration is basically a proof of concept. It works, but it's limited. I'd expect limited hologram field of view is dictated by hardware and power requirements. It will take a few generations to get to the point where hardware will be able to cover (big part of) full field of view, while still maintaining usable battery life.As of usefulness of such device, that's completely different matter. New Kinect is quite advanced piece of hardware, but there still...
Honestly, I wouldn't know... just thinking out loud; no idea what patents' stable Rim has, and how important are they today. Back in the days, I do remember hearing story about things MS cannot do in Exchange because of (then) Blackberry patents, but never got details... so it might have been just a rumour.QNX does seem to be quite solid - and popular - product. How much would it be worth to MS, that's completely different story.Either way, there must be SOMETHING...
It is quite awesome, Surface Pro 3, isn't it. The best laptop/tablet crossover, imho. Other OEMs just cannot get rid of laptop legacy. Yoga, Helix, most other tablet convertibles I had chance to try are just trying too hard to remain as close to laptop concept as possible.
Blackberry, being first corporate & security savvy mobile devices manufacturer, must have quite solid library of patents around Blackberry server and QNX. Full integration of BB server tech into MS Exchange could be quite interesting from corporate side, for example. If the asking price is right.
Yeah, I think they have regained their rhythm. Continuum, universal apps... quite clever concepts. And then, current efforts to attract Android and iOS devs with easy porting tools... for someone who came late to the party, I think they couldn't do much more from what they are doing now, so regardless of their success (or lack of it), they deserve some accolades for the effort.Re Windows phone, while 10 million handsets a quarter isn't something that Apple and Google (and...
Here Drive is pretty much native navigation software on Nokia/Microsoft Lumia phones. I'm not even aware that there are other comparable solution on Windows Phone platform. I'd be surprised if Microsoft doesn't try to buy this.They need it more than Apple.
It is interesting take on Sony's profit increase... not sure if it holds water, though. Sony was making camera sensors for iPhones at least since 4s, if not before. Even with iPhone 6 selling better than previous iPhones, camera sensors are becoming more and more commodity and sensor price is going down on average. I'd like to see how much money Sony makes on iPhone sensors. I have found somewhere $20 per phone mentioned, but that's not net profit, to my understanding....
10.5 million Lumia phones in last quarter. Not much, but best Lumia quarter so far.
Likewise in NZ... some of our engineers wanted Edge, and they are on unspecified backorder from Vodafone NZ, ETA unknown at present. All colours, all storage options.Don't know about the Edge-less one.Reminds me a bit on PS4 launch back in the days. It was available locally end of November 2013, but all the shipments were preordered. Only end of February 2014 have they started appearing on shelves. Seem to be selling quite well, too.
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