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What do you mean?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hBVNZFHM_chttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t673C0iPlmU...It is not gaming machine, but it still is i5/i7 PC.
Well... these adds are trying to sell S3 as laptop replacement, so it makes some sense to compare it to laptop, and present it in laptop mode. I think at some point we might see adds focusing on S3 as tablet, too... but not many of those; as a tablet, S3 is bigger, heavier and much more expensive than competition, and raw power/storage/... advantages are mostly irrelevant for typical tablet usage. In short, S3 does not have (m)any advantages over any ARM (or even Atom)...
But what would be the point of forum where everyone agrees and pat each others' shoulders? For a good discussion, you need opposing opinions. Different POV can also provide some reality check.I'm with Relic on this one.
Bioshock was released in 2007... I don't remember it being too demanding if you had solid PC, it is running on quite efficient Unreal engine. I played it on Nvidia 8800GT which, coincidently, was also released in 2007. It was good card for it's time, but not top of the line. I'm pretty sure it was running Bioshock with everything maxed out.Game doesn't look bad in that iOS preview clip - for a mobile port, but it is way toned down from consoles and PC version running on...
It can be found already..:http://www.zdnet.com/310-microsoft-patents-used-in-android-licensing-agreements-revealed-by-chinese-gov-7000030564/Some info was available way back with MS-Motorola case.
Are you sure that OCZ isn't using anything Samsung in their SSD, though?
Even the recent versions? Windows Phone version definitely can record (and insert) audio clips into notes. I was under impression that iOS version is on the same level with WP version...
It is finished product, but to MS vision... or lack of it. Even Widows Phone version of OneNote does not have access to local storage, only cloud. x86 versions can access both.
They are talking about conditional reminder. It will not remind you at specified time, but when phone detects that you are talking with person you have set reminder for... which might happen at any time between now and somewhere in future.I can think of few scenarios where this can be useful, but in general it is hardly make-it-or-break-it feature. However it is always nice to see that digital assistants are getting smarter in what they can understand and process. I don't...
My understanding is that this 14nm Core M is designated for tablets. It might be Intel's decision not to let OEMs use Core M in laptops and desktops. I'm pretty sure it happened before, that Intel on purpose limited usage scenarios for some of their parts. Apple does not do x86 tablets, and MBA might not qualify for Intel's Core M licensing requirements.
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