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It is not the allow. It is lack of it. It bends around holes, both buttons and sim card. There is just not enough material there to offer enough rigidity.
Well duh. Of course anything will bend - eventually. But devil is in the details. Knowing that something that was (and still is) considered common and acceptable practice - as it is keeping phone in front pocket - can permanently damage phone in single go is a bit frightening.I don't see much value in your examples, sorry. Wooden pencil is, what? Less than $1? And buildings sway but return to original form after the quake - unless they are flattened. I'd expect plastic...
Sure there are not that many people complaining, but phone is out for how long? In time, people get over novelty of their new purchase and usually pay less attention; I know I do that with everything electronic - phone, camera, computer.Only time will tell how serious this is. Or isn't.
Most GFs can bend without permanent damage...
While I agree with you, the question here is - how often will people forget to remove phone from their pocket before they sit. I'm having much smaller phone (4.5") which I remove from pocket nevertheless as it can be uncomfortable sitting with it in front pocket even with regular cut trousers, but every now and then I forget - because I'm talking to someone or my mind is elsewhere. My phone is made of plastic and I would expect that on occasion it will flex a bit... but...
Are warranties covering physical damage, though?
Sure, they make enough money by selling their actual products, unlike Google. I've heard an old saying somewhere in Europe, I think it originates from Turkey... something is lost in translation, but as it goes: If you don't pay on bridge, you'll pay on viaduct.Microsoft, though. Their whole "Scroogled" campaign was based on their claim that their services around Outlook.com and Office365 don't share info with advertisers, don't scan emails etc. MS has toned down their...
Don't know. I used it on iPhone, and use it on Windows Phone now. Also on all my current computers and tablets, and - hopefully - on MacBook Pro soon. My wife uses it on her new iPhone. GUI design and other bells and whistles aside, call quality is much better than Viber - at least where we live.
You are just trading one devil for the other.Typing words "Apple" and "spying" in Google returned rich choice of links related to NSA, Apple, iPhone, spying, tracking...Typing words "Microsoft" and "spying" also returned lot of links, though most were related to Xbox and Kinect. Nevertheless.I didn't bother typing "Google" and "spying". They have to make money out of something, end of the day.
I think that Intel is gaining faster on ARM's power consumption than ARM is gaining on Intel's performance. Broadwell iCore tablets in passive-cooled 7.2mm case are quite mean... of course, if design proves to be sustainable (not overheating etc. in some usage scenarios).http://www.slashgear.com/intel-outs-stunning-fanless-broadwell-tablet-design-for-2014-2-in-1s-03331832/
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