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It was always the other way around. All the legacy stuff you have in Windows is because Enterprise demands it, not because MS really wants to keep it forever.But that is why MS is Enterprise.
While I understand your attempt of sarcasm, it does also remain a fact that Windows tablets (at least Windows Pro ones) can be easily lock down to the level where users cannot install their own apps, or even access all the apps available on tablet by default.A bit draconian, yes. But these tablets are supposed to replace school books, not to be toys in students' hands. Students are more than welcome to purchase their own tablets for fulling around, IMHO.
No, he has a point. Beside side-scrollers and maybe fighting games, most games are so much nicer to play with analogue sticks.If you have opportunity, Gran Tourismo (or any other 3D driving game) with both D-pad and analogue sticks. D-Pad is really castrating gameplay.But hey, D-pad is much easier (and cheaper) to make. I think Logitech is being lazy here. Or maybe they are just probing market with this.
Actually. They do make some AiOs.But the list is flawed in general. Lenovo, for example, recently took No.1 spot from HP in PC sales, is the only PC company with growth in the last 12 months, and is in general highly respected in Windows world, yet it is not on that list..?
Maybe because the way you envision PC users is heavily biased and hasn't got much to do with reality..?
This is only in Apple fans' heads.Much as I am concerned, (most) Nokia Lumias didn't look/feel cheap for, what? - 2 years now?That being said, as I mentioned before, I'm not too thrilled with 5c look. Not because it is plastic, but because it is too boxy. This is completely personal impression (and many will disagree), but while I'm finding boxy look good for metal-made products, boxy plastic looks a bit... more boxy; I'd prefer more organic, tapered at edges look.Maybe...
Not sure what is your point here.I've seen a lot of competitors, and some of them - HTC One, some of new Sony models... arguably some Nokias... look more "premium" to me than 5c. Granted this is based on released photos - maybe real-life encounter with 5c will change the impression.
Yes you should be sorry
That is all fine and understandable, and I don't have anything against plastic.I do agree with some other posters, though, that Apple should have made 5c a bit cheaper than what iPhone 5 would be now. Since Apple's practice of keeping last year's iPhone on the market for $100 less is well known, it might look a bit greedy to introduce new phone, perceived cheaper to make, for the price more premium looking iP5 would hold otherwise.End of the day, extra cost on bigger...
Don't buy the hype.Stretching architecture from 32 to 64 does not boos performance by default. Some tasks are positioned to take advantage of 64-bit registers - encryption comes to mind - but many are not.In addition, there is additional complexity of emulation layer required to run 32-bit apps on 64-bit OS. This might introduce a small performance hit (compared to same software running on same hardware with 32-bit OS installed) as well as some compatibility issues.This...
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