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25000 people coming in from Nokia, 5 - 10000 people going out (I'd expect mostly ex-Nokia people, but not necessarily). According to Anandtech.However you spin it, their workforce is growing, not shrinking.
I'm sure they would like, but not in the same way you are thinking of
Because.... their desktop/laptop/server OS platforms don't sell and don't have good majority in respective markets? Or because they do?That would make as much sense as Apple dropping iOS. And much less sense than Apple dropping OSX.
Was Apple releasing Aperture support for new cameras' RAW formats recently? That could be a reason to move, I guess.Not related to your post but in general - I'm pretty sure Lightroom can still be purchased as retail software, no subscription needed..?
That's the old saying. Since RR was sold to Volkswagen and then to BMW (who were already making engines and other parts for RR), it really doesn't have the same appeal as it used to; today it is more brand and specific design than unique quality. If I'd be asking for RR price, it would be because I want to see what can Merc, Bentley, BMW... offer me for that price; and they could probably offer more.
I know only one person with MBP... and he lives in South Africa. Granted, I'm in New Zealand (so this might be regional trend) and most my friends are also gamers, so Windows machine is no brainer... but I know more than enough people whose gaming starts and ends with FB games, who are also on Windows machines. I guess this is just not Mac part of the world.Odd trend also - among casuals (non-gamers) I know, appetite for touch-enabled laptops seems to be going wild....
Hmm... I could see this effort from Apple (and efforts from Google, maybe even Microsoft) hurting brands like Swatch, Casio, Citizen... maybe even Seiko, Tissot, Edox... But above that, we are talking different market with different focus, purpose, symbolism. I mean, my everyday Casio Edifice is better than many high-end mechanical watches in many ways - it is accurate down to around 1 sec per 6 months (surely by accident, not by design... but still), has 10 years battery...
PCs are as cheap as much as you want them to be, and as expensive as you are willing to pay. Like cars. You can get them cheap or uber-expensive, depending on your budget and requirements. But they are available on both ends of the scale.PCs don't get viruses. Stupid users get viruses. Same as with cars, where drunk drivers get crashed and killed, not cars.They are not difficult to use. They are more difficult than average tablets, but also can do more. Motorcycle is more...
Our society is in the deep crap; just consider how many follow Kardashians and other "reality celebrities" shows. People are obsessed with celebrities' personal lives. People want to know what Kim had for lunch and what does she think about size of her arse.I hope Tim will never "come out", regardless of his sexual preference. Keep it cool, Tim, let other "celebrities" prostitute themselves by selling their lives to keen public. For those who demand to know which sex you'd...
You know, I'm with you on this one. While I'm supporting them in quest to have all rights as heterosexuals, I don't think that parading is the way to go. In my opinion, putting yourself in spotlight by parading is much more attention seeking than working on achieving goals. It is 21st century, there are much better ways to take your stand than disrupting others' daily routines.
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