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Sorry mate, I'm reading from first post to last... so I haven't seen your post before I replied.
No problem. Stay frosty
I believe I've read somewhere that you can get more power capacity than your power requirements grow with more real estate. Rest of the system doesn't grow power requirements regardless of phone size.
Honestly, his post looks like much better waste of time than yours.
4.7" is good size; I love my 4.5" Lumia 920.Bit it also appear that form factor has changed a bit? 16:10, sort of..?
Looks like a copy of iPhone 5s, only bigger.
It's a prototype. Unless it has fake housing over actual one.I mean, I agree with you - as it is, it's quite horrid. Which is exactly why I don't believe Amazon could even consider releasing it in this form. Heck, even North Korea would not release it in that form.
Fully agree with you.Idea that, say, Toshiba could have patented laptop form factor and prevent everyone else from making laptops... is frightening. We would probably still have 4cm tick machines and they would all be - Toshibas.Or if someone could have patented idea of portable music player, as in portable device capable of reproducing music via earphones, powered from internal battery. No iPods, no music playback from smartphones.We don't really get THAT many new ideas....
It makes it very much PlayStation-like... but after using both Xbox and PS controllers, I disagree with usability argument. I never had a problem moving from one to the other. Difference is in ergonomics, not in usability.End of the day, controller shape is dictated by our hands anatomy. Beside some artificial changes, space for originality is quite limited.
Circular shape is good for analogue watch, but IMO sucks for digital content.Square, or at least square-ish watch, like Omega De Ville, would be the way to go. Still good for analogue watch simulation, and much more natural for digital content.
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