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iPad is made by Apple. If Apple decides to enable users to dual-boot, I'm sure Apple will not stop Apple from doing that.T300 is made by Asus. If Asus wants to make dual boot possible, Google OR Microsoft should not be able to blackmail them into not doing that. After all, you can dual-boot laptops and desktops, including Apple machines.I don't know if this rumour is true... but after Google's little YouTube stint with Windows Phone, I would not be surprised. They know...
I've read somewhere that NASA specifies Hardlex crystals for their Astronauts' Omega watches over Sapphire glass. Sapphire is harder to scratch, but Hardlex is less brittle. I don't know how Gorilla glass compares to Hardlex, but compared to Sapphire, it seems to be less scratch resistant and less brittle, not unlike Hardlex. It will be interesting to see how well Sapphire performs on phones. Unless, of course, Apple is not considering this for their smartwatch and some...
Because... losing 20%, or even 10% of your customers overnight is still big loss? /s
I found somewhere that Ford's problem wasn't core system itself, but apps - whose development was conveniently contracted to 3rd party developers. If this is true, I hope Ford will not repeat same mistake with whatever platform they chose for next generation.
I was thinking the same.Much as I could find out quickly, car system actually works on Blackberry owned QNX infotainment platform with all the required components for smart-device link. I'm pretty sure link is universal and will work with Android, WP, Blackberry phones - as long as their developers write/include required code for linking in upcoming OS updates...
Yeah... as one of local radio jocks said (and he was probably not the first one): "What's wrong with Mark Zuckerberg, does he not know he can download it from AppStore for free..?"I didn't really understand real value of FB either. It felt fake, over-inflated, artificial. And now, Mark is using some of his artificial worth to buy another over-inflated value. Kind of makes sense.But what do I know.
He does look a bit wobbly...
If true, that means that MS will give priority to platform with no Office available. Kind of makes sense.Also... Office 2011 for Mac came out between Office 2010 and 2013 for Windows, if memory serves. So there - Office 2013 for Windows, Office 2014 for Mac, Office 2015 for Windows..?
The only messed up thing about Microsoft that I can see here is your opinion about them.
Yes, Microsoft is doomed (tm)
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