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I don't know how many developers develop for WP, but back in August MS announced 170,000 apps available in Windows Store. Relative to the age of platform and market saturation, it is not too bad.I'm not sure what you mean with "platform satisfaction". If you are talking about user satisfaction, it is pretty high for WP - according to some sites, even higher than iOS.Last quarter, Nokia sold 8.8 million phones. iPhone reached that number in late 2010... so again, relative...
It is true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
My understanding is that charging pad must have substantial surface area to achieve efficient charging, so you will not see anything petite like standard iPhone dock... not with current technology, at least.Outside of size, I think it looks fine.http://www.nokia.com/nz-en/accessories/accessory/dt-910/
Something like this, basically:
It works quite well for phones, IMHO. At least for me.I'm habitual person, I usually put phone on same spot over night (when at home, of course).So right now, I have charging pad there. It saves the spot for the phone (otherwise my wife might decide to put something else there).It is reasonably efficient - if I recall correctly, Lumia 920 will fully charge through cable in something like 2:15, and from pad in something like 2:45.Charger is "smart", it will not turn on for...
San Andreas was running on Playstation 2, with all the "might" of 32MB RAM and 300MHz CPU/150MHz GPU clock.Modern smartphones and tablets should be able to run circles around that.
I don't think it really matters if iPad hardware reaches (and eventually overtakes) performance of consoles.PC is, theoretically, much more powerful gaming platform than PS3 and X360... and yet, GTA5, GT6... are out on consoles only (GT6 will remain console only). Same as Halo, Gear, Gods of War, Uncharted... any many more exclusive franchises.It is not gaming hardware that sells console. It's the games. Consider Nintendo exclusives; they usually run on inferior hardware,...
Yah I think it's great... and I did spend decent time with iPad and Android tablets, and both platforms were fine... but TPT2 just works better for my usage scenarios. As in, easy access to shared folders on my "home network" etc.
Do we know their exact usage scenario? HP does have proper docking station for ElitePads, which will provide connection for two standard LCD screens; this could be the reason why school went for ElitePat instead of HP's other tablet, Envy X2 (which has more common keyboard "dock").Using tablet in "desktop" mode in classrooms (and maybe at home/dorm), and still having tablet portability in school mess, outdoors or in public transport... does not sound as such a bad idea.
It is not illusion. I have been using ThinkPad Tablet 2 at home for the last 3 months... and it almost completely replaced my laptop. I still carry laptop with me for travels as tablet, while technically can, is too slow for Lightroom... but everything else I use laptop for can be done in acceptable manner.Please note, I'm talking about tablet vs. laptop only. I still use desktop at home for demanding tasks and games... so at home, laptop is all but pointless for me right...
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