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A lot of people here don't even have a clue how deep MS portfolio on business-side really is. I think they see it as Apple's late server effort, sort of "there is Windows Server OS and that's it". In reality, business part of MS efforts is their bread and butter, especially Volume Licensing segment... consumer segment, you can pretty much call it their "hobby". Sure they want more of it, but it is not make-it-or-break-it for them.Windows phone (basically Nokia), they were...
Spot on.As often, it takes troll to "recognise" troll in others...
Provoking, eh? Demand would never go down so quickly after release, plus we are closing on holidays season... so it has to be supply.My wife's gold 64GB came in last Friday, after maybe 10 days. Pretty good, considering that local providers (Vodafone, Telecom) sell them only with shiny new high-end contracts - no stock yet for customers on existing contracts or, God forbid, prepay customers.
It must be true, because you said it.
It looks like you are not admin here any more, so I guess you can now be as obnoxious and unpolite as you wish to be.Out of curiosity - have you tried to reproduce and confirm this "error", or you are still taking DED's articles by default as an ultimate truth?A bit disappointing, really.
Marketing department doesn't know how to use Excel, maybe..?
It was a slow day in DED's office. He got bored playing with Garage Band, and there was nothing else to do...
It is really pointless. My 3Gs got iOS6 a year back, but most new features were disabled... so I ended up with a bit slower but hardly any better iOS5, in essence. And of course, there was no easy way to revert back to iOS5.And even iOS5... I still remember iOS4 as the best fit for my phone.Considering speed smartphones evolve - and, equally, speed smartphones become obsolete - pushing more than one - at best, two - new versions of OS is, IMHO, more of marketing bragging...
I'm sure both Android and iOS supporters will agree with you.
Actually, I prefer version that gives me some info about what just happened. Even if sweet ignorance is much more colourful.
New Posts  All Forums: