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Worth is relative. Kardashians are worth something, but I wouldn't like my company to be associated with them.I'm not using Apple phone/iPod right now, but if I were, I'd rather see them getting cosy with Sennheiser or such; a company with more quality and less marketing in their products. Last Beats headset I have been using looked very premium (Beats Solo), but sound and build quality were just not up to the street price of product; luckily I got mine through HP's promo...
True. Are they PCs or post-PCs, after all?If they are PCs, then post-PC theory goes down the toilet. I don't mind this definition (considering tablet as a PC) - after all, PCs are evolving all the time, from old-school desktops, to towers, to SFFs, to AIOs, to laptops... to tablets. And with Office, Lync, Skype... and other traditionally-PC applications being available on tablets, they are getting at least as functional PCs as netbooks were, back in the days.However, if we...
Nokia's Here Map is quite good in many ways.Public transport, walk, speed limits, whole countries usable offline with full functionality.On the downside, satellite views are not as HQ as Google Maps - at least not everywhere - and street view is much more limited.
I fear that capitalism is turning into warped form of socialism, and that worries me a lot.Having some friends and relatives in ex-socialist/communist countries, I have observed a common case of people on the top with huge salaries and very little real responsibility. Often incompetent, and always part of some sort of privileged circle, usually with (but not exclusively) political background.I'm seeing a lot of similarities with recent CEO trends and disasters in western...
He can push pen and paper just the same, but it will not work.
Maybe a dedicated music recognition button on Siri screen?
Anandtech article is talking about music recognition integrated with personal assistant... so what you wish for could easily be right.
I often reply on impulse... just to see same or better reply a few posts after. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be there, have I not replied... Such is life.
Yeah... reading last to first would prove much more efficient for meaningful replies, but would kill most of enjoyment in discussion.
Sorry mate, I'm reading from first post to last... so I haven't seen your post before I replied.
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