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Nokia's Here Drive is showing speed limit at the location (at least here in NZ) and gives audio warning when you exceed it... so it makes sense that the same will transfer to car's screen while linked.
You haven't heard of OAA (Open Automotive Alliance), have you?
From what I've read, problem with Sync was more due to crappy Ford's and 3rd party apps that with Sync itself. I think that's why Ford and others are keen on dropping their own apps (and responsibility if they don't work well) and let people use whatever apps they have on their smart devices. If maps app crash, it is YOUR maps app, not car manufacturer's one... so you cannot really complain, can you?
My understanding is that in-car system communicates (and duplicates screen) with Windows Phone device... not necessarily that it runs on WP OS. In fact, I'm pretty sure it will be running on QNX. My understanding is that solution that links with iOS devices also runs on QNX. Considering that number of car manufacturers have pledged to support both iOS and WP devices, and are also part of Google's car initiative, I would expect that in-car systems will be running on QNX...
You forgot location-aware media consumption. Drive by beach in summer, and you can enjoy observing some Baywatch beauties.
What do you mean? Current Windows phones are covering range from 4" to 6". If any company takes for granted what they think phone size should be, it has to be Apple.There is info that the same game Cortana's voice actress Jen Taylor will be the voice of phone Cortana, but I haven't seen official confirmation (or denial) yet.
Well, Android has more share to grab from... but eventually, I don't think MS would be too choosy, as long as they are grabbing something. Anything!
Integration with apps is nice thing, presuming it works (or will work eventually) as advertised. According to a bit more detailed article in DailyTech.com, it will let people call someone from Skype (so it should be possible from Viber and other apps as long as developers upgrade them accordingly), open specific person's FB page... things like that. Don't know if I am going to use it, but sure as hell I'm going to play with it for a while.Re name... I'm Playstation person...
I wouldn't compare mail client with Office suite. Additionally... I believe existing Android mail clients already have full access to Hotmail/Outlook.com/Exchange... so by releasing mail client, MS is not really expanding Android's capabilities. With MS Office, however...
There's much more animosity between Google and MS than there is, or ever was, between Apple and MS.Google is attacking some of the market segments that Apple, due to their premium-segment focus, wasn't really interested in... or, at least, was interested in upgrading users rather than downgrading their products:Cheap everyday computing - Google CromeOS laptops vs. Windows laptopsCheap mobile devices - Android phones/tablets vs. WP8 phones and Windows 8 tabletsWorldwide...
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