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It's entry model. QHD (3200x1800) with touch is also offered. Machine does offer 15 hours for 1080p and 12 hours for 1800p, so there's that. If we are talking about actual light usage time, I'd be fine with 12 hours... but if this transfers to real-life 10-12 hours for 1080p and 8-9 hours for 1800p, I don't know. I'm in my '40 and not of 20/20 vision, good quality 1080p in 13" should be OK.On a bright side, both screens are of Share IGZO variety, good quality panels,...
It is just another take on "I'm Mac. I'm PC" commercials. In a way, it is also paying homage to those classics, the way I see it. OSX machines were hardly any stronger in terms of market share worldwide when those ads were aired, so it doesn't feel unnatural that WP is trying same formula under comparable circumstances. Eventually, underdogs will always have a go at alpha dogs.As for your questions:Nokia was breaking slight profit recently, much as my memory serves. There...
That would depend on how it would compare to Intel's Core i14... or whatever Intel has in 8 years time.
A $100 Playstation TV doesn't sound too bad, either. For those who want to watch on big TV, and don't want their iPads occupied that way.
I spotted 3 Surfaces and one piano black tablet that looked quite chubby. Could have been iPad in cover I haven't seen yet, or something like extinct HP TouchPad. Naturally chubby and piano black. Either way, that is one against 3. I would expect that Surfaces are set to show live streams of election data, and person is using mysterious tablet for something else. Tweet, FB, email, txt, Angry Birds. I'm failing to see how is this such an important and triumphant news.
Yep, that's where their bread and butter is. And I cannot see them being seriously challenged there for the time being, so even if they are not making more money than Apple and Google (are they?), I believe that their income is more secure than anyone else in the industry. Even if they'd only keep their volume licensing, subscriptions and Office365 as their income sources, they would still be a force to reckon.This free Office for iOS and Android is pretty much like iTunes...
Well... they still sell devices, and there's an extra feature or two if you pair it with Windows Phone... Cortana integration and such... so they can always hope that handful of neutral Android and, God forbid, iPhone users might get motivated to switch platform.Eventually, considering still modest number of WP users, it is pretty much "play nice with the big boys, or you will not play at all", no?
When I use my Windows tablet with keyboard, I often use touchscreen instead of keyboard's mouse navigation. I hate it on desktops and large laptops, but it is quite handy on smaller devices. And if Adobe really fulfil their promises about CS optimisation for Surface, it might turn out to be big bonus for tablet/laptop crossovers.
Also... beside small touchpad on keyboard, Surface has large 12" one, called touchscreen. With new alliance between Adobe and MS, and Adobe's promise to optimize CS for touchscreen, this could turn out to be huge advantage, at least for people who do a lot of Photoshop, Lightroom, Ilustrator... While this is probably just a mock-up, some ideas are quite intriguing:http://youtu.be/PlLR9ANGsOo
Better resolution, touchscreen and functional, albeit big-ish tablet. I don't know... personally I think it's not bad. Main problem is that lots of people are simply not thinking of MS as premium brand, so the price sounds steep. Same as with, say, Toyota and Lexus - even if they'd release exactly the same car under both badges, Toyota would have to be cheaper - otherwise it would not sell as well, I think.
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