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I agree with you.Smartphones and tablet being mobile devices, it makes more sense to me that, eventually, they will be replacing laptops for many users. Not that laptop cannot replace desktop for many, but there's always an issue of screen's real estate - 24 - 27" is so much nicer than 13 - 15", where majority of laptops sit, regardless of platform. And then, one gets more upgrade-ability on desktop size, compared to laptops (on average) - an additional bonus. Also more...
Instead, they created crappy iTunes. Sad...
You are saying that DED was full of crap?!?
Because no one keeps phone in front or rear pockets, right? That scenario is completely out of intended purpose of carrying phone around with you.Makes perfect sense.
You mean, something like this:https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/playstationtv/Native play for Vita games and streaming gameplay from PS4 over wired or wireless network. Streaming from Hulu, Niconico... I would expect that Quickflix, Music Unlimited and other services available to Playstation consoles will work here as well.
I have a feel most people here hate Google/Samsung/Android much more than Microsoft/Windows.Next Windows seems to be shaping quite well, IMHO: a synergy between good elements from Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, with Windows-new features tossed in (multiple desktops etc.).http://www.dailytech.com/Microsoft+Skips+Right+Over+9+Announces+Windows+10/article36636.htm
There are 9 published reports. Only Apple know if and how many people went back to Apple for repair/replacement. I would expect that not everyone with go to Youtube with their experience, so I would expect there are more in the wild. But number might still be relatively small compared to sold quantities.That being said, it is only, what? 2 weeks since release? It is not a problem that shows right away or doesn't show at all, as it often is with, say, factory faults. It is...
Even Gods make mistakes. And Ive is just a man, brilliant as he might be.Jobs made number of mistakes in his career. And everyone else.Just saying.
It is not the allow. It is lack of it. It bends around holes, both buttons and sim card. There is just not enough material there to offer enough rigidity.
Well duh. Of course anything will bend - eventually. But devil is in the details. Knowing that something that was (and still is) considered common and acceptable practice - as it is keeping phone in front pocket - can permanently damage phone in single go is a bit frightening.I don't see much value in your examples, sorry. Wooden pencil is, what? Less than $1? And buildings sway but return to original form after the quake - unless they are flattened. I'd expect plastic...
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