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Also... beside small touchpad on keyboard, Surface has large 12" one, called touchscreen. With new alliance between Adobe and MS, and Adobe's promise to optimize CS for touchscreen, this could turn out to be huge advantage, at least for people who do a lot of Photoshop, Lightroom, Ilustrator... While this is probably just a mock-up, some ideas are quite intriguing:http://youtu.be/PlLR9ANGsOo
Better resolution, touchscreen and functional, albeit big-ish tablet. I don't know... personally I think it's not bad. Main problem is that lots of people are simply not thinking of MS as premium brand, so the price sounds steep. Same as with, say, Toyota and Lexus - even if they'd release exactly the same car under both badges, Toyota would have to be cheaper - otherwise it would not sell as well, I think.
That's for people going to conferences. People actually working... I'm still seeing much more EliteBooks and ThinkPads than MBPs. Interestingly, I'm seeing quite a few Surfaces Pro 3 recently among people attending conferences, roadshows etc. But that's here in NZ. Can't talk for the rest of the world.
I think keyboard will get bundled soon. Instead of reducing price, they will bundle keyboard.
Except for huge majority of users who actually need Windows, for one reason or another.But I agree, Yoga is all style, not much real value, IMHO. Screen resolution is for marketing bragging, 1080p with better battery life would be much better for target audience. And stronger hardware - they are using Broadwell-Y, Intel logic basically designed for tablets, not for laptops. It is lowest placed Broadwell in terms of performance and power consumption, and site below...
But if it carries malaria...
I was thinking the same... Remarkable moment in the history of corporate America will be when statements like this lose importance, because no-one will care any more.
My understanding is that device is OS independent, and MS is pushing hard with various software developers to integrate it with existing health/exercise oriented apps.I was never really interested (so far) in smart-wearable devices, but if I were, something like this would make more sense than full-featured smart-watch.
How do you think Apple pushed them to that level?In desktops and laptops, AMD and Nvidia are their major, and pretty much only competitor.
I agree with you.Smartphones and tablet being mobile devices, it makes more sense to me that, eventually, they will be replacing laptops for many users. Not that laptop cannot replace desktop for many, but there's always an issue of screen's real estate - 24 - 27" is so much nicer than 13 - 15", where majority of laptops sit, regardless of platform. And then, one gets more upgrade-ability on desktop size, compared to laptops (on average) - an additional bonus. Also more...
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