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PCs are as cheap as much as you want them to be, and as expensive as you are willing to pay. Like cars. You can get them cheap or uber-expensive, depending on your budget and requirements. But they are available on both ends of the scale.PCs don't get viruses. Stupid users get viruses. Same as with cars, where drunk drivers get crashed and killed, not cars.They are not difficult to use. They are more difficult than average tablets, but also can do more. Motorcycle is more...
Our society is in the deep crap; just consider how many follow Kardashians and other "reality celebrities" shows. People are obsessed with celebrities' personal lives. People want to know what Kim had for lunch and what does she think about size of her arse.I hope Tim will never "come out", regardless of his sexual preference. Keep it cool, Tim, let other "celebrities" prostitute themselves by selling their lives to keen public. For those who demand to know which sex you'd...
You know, I'm with you on this one. While I'm supporting them in quest to have all rights as heterosexuals, I don't think that parading is the way to go. In my opinion, putting yourself in spotlight by parading is much more attention seeking than working on achieving goals. It is 21st century, there are much better ways to take your stand than disrupting others' daily routines.
I agree. Plus, it will not let you use laptop's screen together with external monitor.I'd find horizontal solution, where you slide laptop into fixed ports' connectors, or you slide connectors into fixed laptop, much more preferable. Something like what HP did with new dock for their Elitebook 840 and 850 ultrabooks.
I cannot see a point of ARM Windows hardware when you can get comparable performance, size and battery life from latest Atoms, while keeping full x86 compatibility.I wouldn't be surprised if MS switched Surface Mini from RT to x86 and is waiting for Intel's Broadwell parts to be available. Or they might be redesigning it for existing Intel parts.
Looking that way, a lot of things shouldn't exist. Including US, Australia and New Zealand.
To my knowledge, consoles are already enjoying low level APIs in their development tools, not only current generation but also previous gens. That's why Phil Spencer (Xbox boss) already stated that Xbox owners should not expect much from DX12 on XBO - there will be some improvements but nothing earth shattering, because consoles are basically already there. PC gaming is the one to benefit from DX12 most, and considering that gaming on Windows PC was/is one of holly grails...
Put ignore list, or make user choose in settings if he wants to make his device permanently visible (with confirmation pop up).I'm with TS on this one. One of major reasons why I prefer ThinkPad Tablet to iPad is exactly that - easy access to other devices in my home network.
WP platform is still catching up, on average. Core features are mostly there and executed quite well, which provides good foundation for further development... but platform is still short of some relevant 3rd party apps, if not more.That everyone borrows from everyone else, is simple fact of life. It is also the best way for technology to progress. Why would you reinvent wheel from scratch, if you can take what is already there and further improve on that? MS and Apple...
That's possible. I don't know how Android is doing it, I'm not using Android. Re WP8.1, there seem to be some context awareness, but I don't know how deep does it go, or how efficient it is. WP8.1 is not officially out, after all - I'm playing with Developers Preview, and it is also still work in progress - there were already two chunky updates for it, since it was made available for developers.
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