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I agree with you Photoshop (and rest of Adobe CS) wise, but Lightroom... it was always very sensibly priced and as such, I'm pretty sure a lot of amateurs/hobbyists are using it; I know I do. With older DSLR cameras, there was obvious IQ difference between RAW (converted to JPG in LR) and JPG from camera, plus additional bonus of easy fixing some of shooting mistakes (light balance comes first to my mind). I do shoot (and edit) "seriously" twice a year on average, rest of...
Well, even if you respect speed limits, there will be an occasion where you will fail to notice that you are speeding. Conversation with your passenger, a little bit of downhill, or just focusing on road in front of you. Failure to notice speed change sign? Happened to me, my only speeding ticket in my life (so far). Got caught driving 75km/h in 50km/h zone. I do remember that road was 70km/h (NZ Police tolerates up to 10km/h over the limit), and completely failed to...
I'm pretty sure I've seen this on iPhone 5s. I cannot remember exact circumstances, but if it wasn't on default app (which my wife uses), then it must have been on TomTom for iOS, a good friend of mine is using it. We travelled together in January, so there were my wife's default app and his TomTom being played with and compared while I was driving, thus the confusion Default Android app doesn't have it, but another friend of mine - this one Android user - mentioned that...
Sine I have purchased Lumia 920 - about 6 months ago - I have downloaded NZ offline map updates 3 times. Complete map is a bit less than 80MB, a minute of DL time over wi-fi. They seem to be quite proactive with updates and changes. Short of temporary road-works related speed limits, I haven't noticed any mistakes in speed limit warnings - I haven't measured it, but it feels like I will be warned within 10m of sign (if I haven't reduced my speed accordingly).
Nokia's Here Drive is showing speed limit at the location (at least here in NZ) and gives audio warning when you exceed it... so it makes sense that the same will transfer to car's screen while linked.
You haven't heard of OAA (Open Automotive Alliance), have you?
From what I've read, problem with Sync was more due to crappy Ford's and 3rd party apps that with Sync itself. I think that's why Ford and others are keen on dropping their own apps (and responsibility if they don't work well) and let people use whatever apps they have on their smart devices. If maps app crash, it is YOUR maps app, not car manufacturer's one... so you cannot really complain, can you?
My understanding is that in-car system communicates (and duplicates screen) with Windows Phone device... not necessarily that it runs on WP OS. In fact, I'm pretty sure it will be running on QNX. My understanding is that solution that links with iOS devices also runs on QNX. Considering that number of car manufacturers have pledged to support both iOS and WP devices, and are also part of Google's car initiative, I would expect that in-car systems will be running on QNX...
You forgot location-aware media consumption. Drive by beach in summer, and you can enjoy observing some Baywatch beauties.
What do you mean? Current Windows phones are covering range from 4" to 6". If any company takes for granted what they think phone size should be, it has to be Apple.There is info that the same game Cortana's voice actress Jen Taylor will be the voice of phone Cortana, but I haven't seen official confirmation (or denial) yet.
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