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He can push pen and paper just the same, but it will not work.
Maybe a dedicated music recognition button on Siri screen?
Anandtech article is talking about music recognition integrated with personal assistant... so what you wish for could easily be right.
I often reply on impulse... just to see same or better reply a few posts after. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be there, have I not replied... Such is life.
Yeah... reading last to first would prove much more efficient for meaningful replies, but would kill most of enjoyment in discussion.
Sorry mate, I'm reading from first post to last... so I haven't seen your post before I replied.
No problem. Stay frosty
I believe I've read somewhere that you can get more power capacity than your power requirements grow with more real estate. Rest of the system doesn't grow power requirements regardless of phone size.
Honestly, his post looks like much better waste of time than yours.
4.7" is good size; I love my 4.5" Lumia 920.Bit it also appear that form factor has changed a bit? 16:10, sort of..?
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