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Is it possible to hook up a video game system, or something of the sort to a MacBook....maybe with a VGA adapter or something? Is it possible? Thanks!
Theres an Auto Renew check box, I found it, was not hard to find. I forget exactly where it was tho, sorry.
It's $99.99 a year. \
I have .mac and never use it. But I have my current @mac.com email address used for everything and it would take a good day or two to change all that. is there any way to keep it. Does apple offer a deal less than 100 bucks for Just email? Thanks for any help.
Hoooooooo! Thank you. O and A. Your Welcome.
I have a question, Thank you. I have my Mac and PC on a netWork (Imac and Alienware) and was wondering how I get songs from my iMac to my PC through the network. Since I suck at everything in life, I do not know, so whats up? Oh, and also, Altec Lansing 621 speakers are the shizzle, don't be hatin. VOLCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!die
No problem, no hard done. hehe, jk on that face.
haha, sorry. Its just that im addicted to using funny ones, and those seemed to somewhat fit to what i was saying.
I don't see any harm either, I think its great, sorry if you guys thought I was attacking Nintendo for this.
"Feh. Quit complaining. Just because it's cubic and silver in color doesn't mean anything. And just because the new Game Boy thing is made like a laptop and silver in color doesn't mean anything. Besides, neither of those look anything like the corresponding Apple products except for the basic shape, and the color. That GameCube looks ten times more like a Shuttle case than a G4 Cube. And the Game Boy? Well, no widescreen, no keyboard... it's a video game system not a...
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