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Why does NINTENDO always Rip off Apples Style? (Like everyone else I should say) First they copy the G4 Cube and make a Nintendo gameCUBE. Especially the panasonic GameCube. Then they make their new GameBoy look exactly like the Titanium PowerBook, with flip screen and ALL! They do it pretty blatantly too. G4 Cube GameCube PowerBook: GameBoy SP See what I mean? But oh well, At least they are copying some of the best stuff on...
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I apologise, I was dead wrong, and now my 'source' is going to be dead too. Trust me tho, it will be here soon, as most of you already know.
Oops, my mistake, I meant Wednesday. For some reason I thought tuesday was yesturday. [oyvey] If its not here tomorrow, be my guest, Rip me a new one. [Hmmm]
Ya, They will come, Trust me. [oyvey] Sad thing is, Im telling the truth.
Inside source tell's me tomorrow is the 'New' Ipod. Don't believe me? Wait and see.
A Single Tear Runs down my cheak. [Hmmm] [ 02-13-2003: Message edited by: EastSide9 ]

Aahhhh, I can't wait any longer. I want a new iPod!
great, thanks for the link. And thats a Nice site!!
Anyone know where I can get a Castle Wolfenstein "MULTIPLAYER" demo? I downloaded a demo of it and it seems that it only have single player. Anyone know if there is a Demo for OSX that has multiplayer? Thanks!!
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