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Anyone know where I can get a Castle Wolfenstein "MULTIPLAYER" demo? I downloaded a demo of it and it seems that it only have single player. Anyone know if there is a Demo for OSX that has multiplayer? Thanks!
Because personally I have no clue, and want an iPod extremely bad but keep telling myself to wait, wait, and wait, untill aplle releases a new upgrade or price drop or all new iPod type device. There's nothing worst than buying one, then having Apple release a new one the next day, or week, or even month.
Ok. Thanks for letting me know!
I have a game right here I found called "Who wants to be a millionair 2nd eddition" And I used to play it on OS 9. Is there any way to play this game in Jaguar? (OSX) I don't have classic installed and don't want to reinstall it, ever. Is there a way to play this in OSX? Thanks!!!
haha, thats funny. I think im going to buy a G4 1ghz, only 1,500 instead of 1,700, and its better. Geez thats a good deal.
Ok, Sounds like a good idea. Thanks!
Should I wait and see if they come out with new ones soon? Do you guys think they will update them any time soon? Or is it a safe bet to get one now? Thanks for all the input!
I am banned from this so called "gameranger". Even though I just made an account and have never ven used it before, but for some reason im already banned. Anyways, are there other applications like this, or specific ones for IceWind dale or Baldurs gate 2? I really want to play someone online...Single player sucks. [ 01-09-2003: Message edited by: EastSide9 ]

Im ready right now, Just reply to this post and well set up a game. If you have AIM / iChat also that would make things easy. *Waiting eagerly for Reply*
Hey everyone, My iMac is having some serious display problems, and I'm not sure what the heck is going on. This is the deal. Every once in a while my screen will start to get brighter and then darker with no apparant reason. However, if I tilt the computer foward, the problem goes away temporarily. Eventually it comes right back though. Does anyone know what is causing this screen fluctuation? And if it can be fixed somehow? Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: