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I left the iTunes train almost two years ago. After trying to get me to pay to upgrade, I calculated I could stream from Spotify for five years before breaking even. Why should I not believe there will be an even better codec and a fee to upgrade within the next five years?
I sure hope this AppleTV update fixes the AirPlay streaming problem I've been having since the last update. Everyone I know who has an AppleTV is experiencing it.
Does that mean we can play Words with Friends without causing problems with the aircraft?
One quibble with the app. It's a beautiful interface but they mar the experience with their cheesy Windows live login screen. They couldn't style a special one for this app?
Won't be happening at the design studio where I work. I'm booked solid for the next six moths doing nothing but iOS development. Android hasn't even been mentioned let alone considered. As far as the tools comments go I agree, developing for Android is a bag of hurt. However, MonoDroid looks promising. I did an iOS app with Mono and it was ok, but not enough to make me move away from Xcode. It would be ironic that one of the better Android development tools ends...
I wish they would bring the rest of their professional grade software to OS X.
Analyst has become a word of scorn and ridicule. We don't want to watch TV on our computers; Microsoft already tried this and it wasn't exactly a hit. Apple even toyed with it with Front Row and it wasn't a hit either. Apple would be better off extending the capabilities of their AppleTV by either adding media apps like Netflix or just going all out and adding an SDK with app store and turning the AppleTV into a platform.
I think the opposite might actually be true, they could drop the "Pro" and make them all "Airs". The whole line up would be from 11" to 17". There are now only two lines "Pro" and "Air". Macbook has been sent to educational siberia. Not all users are "Pro", so from a marketing perspective retaining the "Air" moniker to denote the qualities of the unibody enclosure makes sense.
Nothing stopping you from doing it too. Of course that's not the only thing AI does. They do in-depth reviews and have an occasional scoop. Sure is better than MacDailyNews an all their pretentious crap.
Not sure why this is a problem. It's easy to turn off all these features and run Windows isolated.
New Posts  All Forums: