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The next version of VMWare Fusion is in beta now. I am testing. Looking good.
I own two of their HDTVs. Best on the market.
I would be curious to know if remote wiping the phone deletes this file?
I guess his other ventures didn't work out so well.
Makes you wonder if the iPad 2 event will include the MobileMe overhaul for use with the iPad.
It's so....gray.
Marvel Comics has figured out a way to sell their magazines without issue. Why can't these other publishers? They simply want to collect money outside of the iTunes ecosystem and Apple is saying no. Simple.
I think they are grossly underestimating the impact of this device and it's entry level price point. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Apple sells close to 10 million in the first year. Nor do I think it will have a significant impact on iPod Touch sales either; those numbers will continue to increase. For the price of a MacBook Pro I'm going to be buying my family three right at the start. Even my 80 year old father is asking me about one.
Should be seeing that on Ebay soon.
Too bad it probably wont work with video. It sure seems a good answer to the managing video though. Just purchase video content and stream it, no backup, or media management issues. I would definitely purchase more TV shows and movies if this were the model.
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